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something that has been made for the first time
a community built near a city - for example, Prospect is suburb of Waterbury
the sharings of feelings, thoughts, and information
a spacecraft that is used to send radio, telephone, or television signals

the moneypaid to the government to run a city, state, or country

a setttlement that is owned by another country

a person who is owned by another person and works without pay
Who was Frederick Douglas?
Frederick Douglas was a SLAVE who made speeches to tell people they should have freedoms.

freedom from rules of of others

a fight for change in government

Civil War -

A war in which two parts of one country fight one another
Who was Clara Barton?
Clara Barton delivered medical suppplies to the battlefields during the Civil War. She also stayed with soldiers who had been hurt. She was also a teacher.
How long was the Civil War?
The Civil War lasted for 4 years.
Why were slaves needed in the south?
The South needed slaves for the big farms.
something that goes from one side of a continent to another

a plan of government
What laws did the colonies have?
The colonies had laws England made.They made some of there own laws.

a change made to something that is already written
In 1565 Spain started
, the first long lasting, settlemant in what is now the United States

St. Augustine
In 1619 the first African slaves were brought to ________ to work as slaves

In 1607 the English started ________ in what is now Virgina. The _______ Indians taught the English skills they needed

1)Jmaestown 2)Powhatan
Who was Jefferson Davis?
Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederacy.
By the 1730s how many colonies were there and where were they?
there were 13, along the atlantic coast from Maine to Georgia.
Why were the colonists unhappy with England's laws?
The colonists were unhappy with England's laws because they could not make their own and did not like paying taxes without representation.
What was California's first settlement and who founded it?
California's first settlement was San Diego and it was founded in 1769 by the Spanish.
Describe the American Revolution.
A war called the American Revolution was fought between the colonies and England. It was fought so that the colonies could be free from England, make their own laws and taxes. It began in 1775 and ended in 1783. It was eight years long.
Why did many people in the North move to the cities?
Many people moved to the North because new factories in the cities needed workers.
When did the leaders approve of the Declaration of Independence and what does it say?
The leaders approved the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The Declaration of Independence says why the colonies wanted their independence form England and that everyone is created equal.
Who led the army and when did the colonists win their independence from England?
George Washington led the colonist's army during the American Revolution. The colonies won their independece from England in 1783.
Who was California ruled by and when did it become a state?
California was ruled by the Spanish and the Mexicans. It became a state in 1850.