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During the Reconstruction, Louisiana was the only southern state to have an African American serve as...?
What president's term was considered the "Great Barbeque"?
Ulysess S. Grant
Amnesty act gave pardons to what ex officers banned from office holding?
In 1880s the principle that was established on Native Americans no constitutional rights is the...?
U.S. Supreme Court
Southwest Apache leader who battled whites until his capture in 1886 was...?
Fence cutter war involved conflict between small cattle ranchers and...?
large cattle ranchers
Newlands Reclamation act of 1901 authorized the governement to sell land to have...?
Women constituted what percentage of all frontier migrants?
The union leader who was arrested during the Pullman Strike was...?
Eugene Debs
1909 strike called "Great Uprising of Women" was called...?
Triangle Shirtwaist Workers
Who was one of the leaders for the Knights of Labor and Industrial workers of the world?
Mother Jones
What union was blamed for the Haymarket Square Riot?
Knights of Labor
Who was the leader of the American Federation of Labor that participated in Homestead strike, and Carnegie Steel & Pinkerton Aguards?
Samuel Gompers
Which union had the biggest variety of people?
Industrial Workers of the World
Which union is still going on today?
American Federation of Labor
This wave of immigration consisted mostly of Northern and Western Europe.
Old Wave
Southern and Eastern Europe mostly consisted of which wave?
New Wave
These people attempted to change immigration.
White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASP)
What 2 nationalities did the WASPs try to stop from immigrating to America?
Europeans and Asians
What were the three models of assimilation?
1. Anglo conformity (strainer) 2. Melting Pot (Stew) 3. Cultural pluralism (salad)
What generation was born in a different country?
1st generation
What generation is born to a foriegn born person?
2nd generation.
An example of this term is if a group of immigrants choose to move to a place where their friends are already living
Chain migration
Where did the Rudkus family live originally?
Where did they migrate to?
In the beginning of the Jungle who was getting married?
Jurgis and Ona
How did little Antanas dies?
falling off own front porch and drowns in the mud
How does cousin Stanislovas dies?
He got drunk from transporting beer and passed out in a basement and rats ate him.
Who was forced to join a brothel in order for her husband to keep his job?
Who was Madame Haut?
The Rudkis family midwife.
What company owned all the slaughter houses and everything else?
Durham and Co.
Who was Freddie Jones in the Jungle?
son of the owner
What president read this book and passed the food and drug act?
Teddy Roosevelt
What is considered government goodies?
Pork barreling
What is bribes and kickbacks?
What is a list where emplyer finds out about union and puts your name on it?
Black list
What is a contract saying that the worker cannot join a union?
yellow dog contract
What is a shop where everyone is a union member and workers have a say?
Closed Shop
Who lost her job because she joined the union?
Cousin Marija
What was the farmers solution to unfair conditions?
Grange movement, Alliance movement, and Populist Party
What was small get togethers where the emphasis was social and eucation
Grange movement
What movement was more persistant, political, and militant?
Alliance movement
Who was a woman leader that was very active?
Mary Lease
Where did the Populist party form?
Omaha, Nebraska
What was the Populists platform?
1. Government regulation of railroad, banks, and utilities; 2. "silver standard" not gold; 3. graduated income tax, 4. direct election of U.S senator, and 5. shorter working hours for laborers.
What person ran for president for the populist and democrat party?
William Jennings Bryan
Which Republican beat Bryan?
Who are considered social reformers?
What were progressives mostly?
middle class WASPS
How did they approach problems?
Scientific method
What commitee was resposible for exposing the facts to the public?
Commitee of experts (Mukrakers)
What did the progressives believe in?
democracy and free enterprise
Which amendment presented the graduated income tax?
16th amendment
Which amendment stated the direct election of a U.S. Senator?
17th amendment
Which amendment stated the prohibition of alcohol which was later appealed?
18th amendment
Which amendment gave women the right to vote?
19th amendment
What is the popular idea that people can propose laws?
What is the popular idea that voter can reject laws?
What is the popular idea that voters can remove elected officials?
What exam did people running for a governement job?
Civil service exam
What act in 1906 regulated the railroads?
Hepburn Act
What act in 1913 created 12 federal bsnks that lent money to smaller banks and set interest rates?
Federal reserve act
What reforms usually state or local news about federal safety?
Labor reforms
What reform mad children go to school?
Child labor Edaucation reforms
What group had Frances Williard as president?
Women Christian Temperance (WTCU)
What was one of the countries first "pressure groups"?
Anti-Saloon League
What are community centers in poor neighborhoods?
settlement houses
Who opened the Chicago Hull house which was a place for community help?
Jane Adams
Who helped wit a hull house then found the National Consumer League and also helped clear up places where food was made?
Florence Kelley
Who were the three forefront women on the Women Sufferage Association?
Stanten, Susan B. Anthony, and Catt
What group was a women's group that chained themselves to the gates of the white house?
National Women's Party (NAP)
What year was the 19th amendment finally established?
What group that was established in 1911 that improve health and education among indians?
Society of American Indian (SAI)
Who was considered and African American "Accomondationists" and found Tushegee Institute to help promote eduacation of "Activists"?
Booker T. Washington
Who found the N.A.A.C.P.?
W. E. B. Dubois