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Marbury v. Madison
Supreme court case that established the power of judicial review
Louisiana Purchase
Land bought from France (Napoleon)1803
Mississippi River to Rocky Mts.
Monroe Doctrine
Warning to European nations not to interfere in the Americas
Trail of Tears
Path the Cherokee were forced to travel from Georgia to Indian Teritory
Missouri Compromise
Agreement that temporarily settled the issue of slavery in the territories
Jacksonian democracy
Political philosophy that puts faith in the common people
Manifest Destiny
Belief that the U.S. would expand across the the continent
Santa Fe Trail
Trail from Missouri to Sante Fe, New Mexico
Organ Trail
Trail from Missouri to Oregon
Stephen F. Austin
Most successful land agent in Texas (established Texas colony)
the Alamo
key battle in the Texas Revolution
fort attached by the forces of Santa Anna
Sam Houston
First president of the Republic of Texas
Commander of Texas rebels
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Trety ending the War with Mexico
Market Revolution
Economic changes where people buy and sell goods rather than make them themselves
Samuel F. B. Morse
inventor of the telegraph
Work stoppages by workers
Migration of people into the U.S.
National Trades' Union
Early national workers' organization
The movement to do away with slavery
Frederick Douglas
Escaped slave who became a noted abolitionist leader
Turner's Rebellion
Violent slave rebellion led by Nat Turner
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Leader in the abolitionist and women's rights movements
Sojourner Truth
Former slave who became an abolitionist and women's rights activist
The belief that states could ignore federal laws they did not like
Santa Anna
Led Mexico to Independence 1821
Robert Fulton
inventor of steamboat
Eli Whitney
inventor of cotton gin
Alexander Bell
telephone inventor
John Deere
self-polishing cast steel plow
mechanical reaper
Native American guide and interpreter
Indian Removal Act
Empowered president to move eastern Native Americans west of the Mississippi