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Who was murdered in 1955 when he came down to visit cousins and was mutilated and drowned after he wistled at a white woman?
Emmett Till
What group only really handled court cases?
Where was the first Woolworth's sit-in demonstarted?
Greensboro, North Carolina
What group was founded by students and did a lot of sit-ins, pray-ins, and swim-ins?
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Commitee (SNCC)
What two famous people were in SNCC?
Jesse Jackson and Stokely Carmicheal
What year did the most sit-ins occur?
What group helped SNCC besides students?
middle-aged women
What two women were involved in SNCC?
Fannie Lou Hamer and Ella Baker
What women had a wandering eye and when she went in for a minor surgery the doctor sterilized her?
Fannie Lou Hamer
What year did Anne Moody and fellow students sit in at a Woolworths in Jackson, Mississippi?
What group was formed in 1960 and focused on Northern black ghettos?
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)
What did SNCC focus on?
South in rural areas
Who ran in the 1960 election?
Richard Nixon (R) and John Fitzgerald Kennedy (D)
Who was on HUAC and was in charge of Alger hiss case and was Vice President under Eisenhower and was about 19 or 40?
Richard Nixon
Who was from Massachusetts and was the first Roman Catholic president?
John Fitzgeral Kennedy (JFK)
What election was the first televised presidental debate?
Election of 1960
Who won the election of 1960 by 1/10th of 1%?
What day and place was Kennedy assassinated?
11/22/63 and Dallas
Who was accused of shooting Kennedy?
Lee Harvey Oswald
Who shot Lee Harvey Oswald on television?
Jack Ruby
Who was Kennedy's vice presideant and took over after he was assassinated?
Lyndon Baines Johnson
What were some foriegn crisis that happened during Kennedy's reign?
Berlin Wall, 1961 and Bay of Pigs in Cuba in 1961
What was the plan for the Bay of Pigs?
Land in the Bay of Pigs in Cuba and get the Cuban people to rise up and go against Castro.
What was the Cuban missile crisis?
The Soviet Union was supplying Cuba a missile base and America stopped them.
What did Kennedy establish in 1961?
Peace Corps which is a volunteer program that sent them to 3rd world countries.
What group is best remembered for frredom rides and in 1961 focused on bus desgregation?
Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
What black man was a veteran and denied from Mississippi University (Ole Miss)in 1962?
James Meredith
What governor rejected the federal ruling when Meredith tried to enroll?
Gov. Barnett
What governor stood in the doors of Univ. of Alabama and would not let 2 black students enroll and the federal marshalls were sent in?
Gov. George Wallace
What was a big center for the Ku Klux Klan in May 1963?
Birmingham, Alabama
Who was the Police Commisoner during MLK's march?
"Bull" Conner
What did Martin Luther King write when he went to jail?
"Letter from Birmingham Jail"
Who was the leader of the NAACP in Mississippi and was shot in his drivway?
Medger Evers
What event causes Kennedy to give a speech on civil right in June 1963?
Medger Evers assassination
What month and year was a church bombed killing 4 little black girls?
Saptember 1963
What year did Lyndon B. Johnson become president?
What was the first thing Lyndon B. Johnson do when he came into term?
Civil Rights Act of 1964
What group enforced nondiscrimination in the work place?
EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Comission
What factors were included in the nondiscrimination?
race, color, religion, national origin, and sex
Who added sex to the end of the bill to make sure the bill didn't pass?
Howard Smith
What act established a program called headstart (program to help students who dodn't have much education in preschool), upward bound (program to help high school students prepare for college), V.I.S.T.A. Volunteers In Service To America (domestic peace corps)?
Economic Oppurtunity Act 1964
What group decided to focus on voter registration?
What year was the freedom summer?
What is it called when many young people begin to question how government should be run
Counter culture
Who ran and won the election of 1964?
Lyndon B. Johnson (dem( and Barry Goldwater (rep) LBJ won
Who and when decided to organize a march from Selma to Montgomery Alabama for voting rights?
Martin Luther King and SCLC March 1965
What act had US Attorney General supervise voter registration in areas where fewer then half the minority residents were restricted to vote?
Voting Rights Act in August 1965
What years does the book cover?
Who did the first real revision of legislation since 1920?
President Johnson and legislation
What act forced integration on the schools or else they wouldn't get any money?
Elementary and secondary education act in 1965
Who's father was Marcus Garvey and dropped his last name because it was a slave name?
Malcolm X
What was the idea to seperate people into a black area?
What was the name of the religion and leader that Malcolm X became interested in while he was in jail?
Nation of Islam and Elijah Muhammad
After Malcolm X was expelled from Nation of Islam where did he go and was amazed to find people cohabitating?
Middle East
What happened in 1965 when Malcolm X went to speak at Audubon Ballroom?
3 guys shot him
Who may have introduced the phrase Black Power in 1965?
Stokely Carmichael
What years were SNCC active?
What organization switched from black community organizing to anti-vietnam war movement?
What riot was where police stopped some black people and this started an arguement and people gathered then a riot started?
LA Watts riot 4,000 people were arrested and 35 died
In 1967 how many major riots were there?
What riot was the worst, there was an illegal bar called blind pig and police brought out blacks and Johnson had to finally send in tanks and 15,000 federal troops?
Detroit 7,000 were arrested and 77 died
Who was the leader of the Black Panthers?
Huey Newton and Eldridge Cleaver
What was the most famous program the black panthers did?
free school breakfast
What year was MLK assassinated?
What is it called when African Americans inspired other groups to form?
identity politics
What minority group organization started with the United Farm workers in Southwest?
Mexican Americans
Who organized the United Farm workers in early 1960s?
Cesar Chavez
What was Cesar Chavez and the Mexican Americans tactic?
table grape boycott - they would go to grocery stores and ask people to not buy grapes
What organizations did the United Farm Workers inspire to start?
LaRaz and Brown Berets
What minority groupo was still living in reservations and by the 1960s they were getting pretty bad because there was no money being put into it?
Native Americans
Who led the American Indian Movement (A.I.M.) in the early 1970s?
Dennis Banks and Russel Means
What landmark did A.I.M try to take over?
Alcatraz Island
What reservation did A.I.M take hostage?
Pine Ridge
What movement had two branches: liberal or moderate feminists and radical or left wing feminists?
Womens movement
Who led the liberal feminists, and also wrote the Feminine Mystique?
Betty Friedan
What says that women are happiest when they are at home taking care of family?
Feminine Mystique
What organization is an activist group for men and women and wanted to focus on women's jobs and legal rights?
National Organization for Women (NOW)
Who was the lawyer for NOW?
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
What did Ruth Bader Gisberg become famous for later?
Second female on the US Supreme Court
Who was the first female on the US Supreme Court?
Sandra Day O'Conner
What Amendment was proposed for the womens movement in 1972 and failed in 1982?
Equal Rights Amendment
What group was formed to go against the failed Equal rights amendment?
Who was the leader of STOP ERA!?
Phyllis Schlafly
What group was formed by the radical feminists?
Red Stocking in 1969
What is the idea that it is normal people saying what we do and there are social causes and political solutions?
feminist conscienceness
What was the main focus of the Red Stocking?
Abortion laws
What did the abortion laws lead to?
Roe Vs. Wade decision in 1973
What did the radical feminists do for the 1968 Miss America pagent?
brought sheep and called it the perfect woman
What country was divided in 1954 at the 17th parallel?
What country did the US support when we entered the Vietnam wat?
What is the theory where the US was convinced to not let anyone join communism?
domino theory
What year did France pull out of the Vietnam war?
In what year did our growing involvement increase greatly?
What resolution states that the president can take all necessary measures?
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
what was it called when North Vietnam decided to to invade south vietnam?
Tet offensive of 1968
What happened in Vietnam in March 1968?
MyLai Massacre
What day was MLK assassinated?
April 4, 1968
Who else was assassinated in 1968?
Robert kennedy (JFK brother) b/c he decided to run for president
In what city were there riots at the democratic national convention?
What was Richard Nixon's platform when he ran for president?
law and order and vietnamization of vietnam conflict
What is the vietnamization of vietnam conflict?
withdrawing American troops and bombing North Vietnam
How did the Vietnam conflict end?
North Vietnam took over South Vietnam and the government collapsed in 1975
What did Nixon do for Foriegn Policy?
vietnamization of conflict, detente towards communists, shuttle diplomacy in Middle East, SALT I Treaty limit # of weapons, and opened diplomatic relations with China
What was one of the biggest scandels in history?
What was Nixon's squad called?
Special Investigations Unit and the Plumbers
Who was in charge of Nixon's squad?
G. Gordon Liddy
Who's Psychiatrist office was broken into during the Watergate scandel?
Daniel Ellsberg
Who was Nixon's vice president who was also forced to resign because of tax evasion?
Spiro Agnen
Who was the Newly appointed vice president after Agnen resigned?
Gereald Ford
What was the first thing Ford does when he becomes president?
pardons Nixon
Who ran for the election of 1976?
Jimmy Carter (D) and Gerald Ford (R) and Carter won
What was it called when the leader of Isreal (Begin) and leader of Egypt (Sadat) reached an agreement?
Camp David Accords
Who ran in the election of 1980?
Ronald Reagan and Bush (R) and Jimmy Carter (D) and Reagan won
Who ran in the election of 1982?
Reagan (R) and Mondale and vp was 1st woman (D)
Who was the first woman to run for vice president?
Geraldine Ferraro
Who head the EEOC during Reagan's presidency?
Clarence Thomas
What did Reagan reduce governement spending?
education, health issues, and public housing
While Reagan was decreasing spending in some programs what had an increase in spending?
What country finally fell?
Soviet union
What big scandal happened towards the end of Reagan's presidency?
Iran-Contra Affair of 1986
Where were the Contras located?
Who did the most work in this Iran-Contra affair?
Marin Lt. Col. Oliver North
What happened when Bush was elected in 1988?
disbanding of Soviet Union, Fall of Berlin Wall, Savings and loan Bail-out, Christian Coalition, and Gulf war
Who was in charge of the Christian coalition?
Pat Robertson
Who was Clinton's big enemy?
Newt Gingrich
What plan did Clinton have that failed?