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Daniel Shays
Lead rebellion to stop the auction of farms. The angry mob was turn away and no war insued.
Annapolis Convention
Only 5 States showed up
Treaty of Paris
War offically ends 1778
Biggest battles
Worst Battles
Constitutional convention
Held 1787 in Philadelphia
Governmnent of laws not men it takes votes.
Virginia Plan
Represintation based on the size of the state,this was good for large states. Edmund Randolph called for this.
Constitutional convention
Held 1787 in Philadelphia
New Jersey Plan
Called for by, William Patterson.
Stated each state had the same amount of represenatives so it appeared equal.
Conneticut Plan
Called for by, Roger Sherman, known as the Great Compromise where the upper house had equal representation callthe House of Reresenatives and the lower House shall be 2 persons from each state called the Senate.
Import tax only
Charge going into the state
Charge going out of the state
Meeting of the minds, comming to an agreement.
This means the approval of the constitution 9 states had to ratify On the test if asked the date will be 1808
Slave Trade Compromise
If asked on the test the answer will be 20 years
These people were for the Ratification of the constution
These people were against the constitution
These were papers written on what the constitution would or would not do called The Fereralist papers and the men who wrote the were THE FERERALIST:
Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, James Madison. They all signed their name "PULBIS" meaning pulbic.
Republican form of Government
Means voters have supreme power and elect elect represenitives to make laws for them.
Patrick Henery
Was not at the Convention and said " I smell a Rat"
Thomas Jefferson
Not at the Convention He was in France
Alexander Hamilton
Final wording to the constitution
James Madison
Father of the Constitution
George Washington
President over the Convention
Benjamin Franklin
Oldest member at the Convention
Land ordinace 1785
Provided for orderly survey and distribution of land.
Land Ordinance division
Ranges---strip of land running N to S

Township Square 6mi by 6mi divided into 36 sections.

Section---1 mi by 1mi
First state to do away with slavery
3/5 Compromise
Three out of every 5 slaves will be counted in taxation without representation that ment each slave was 3/5 of a person.
This is the fourth fundamental principle to adapt to channging times
States to Ratify
1. Delaware
2. Pennsylvannia
3. New Jersy.----the 3 above were 1787
4. Georgia------the 9 below were 1788
5. Connecticut
6. Massachusetts
7. Maryland
8. North Carolina
11.New York
12.North Carolina---------------------
13.Rhode Island waited 2 yr the LAST
Land survey
Total SECTION 640 acres 1/2 section 320 acres
1/4 section 160 acres
1/2 quater section 80 acres
1/4 1/4 section 40 acres
6 mile by 6 mile square 36 squares numbered R to L # 16 money went for schools.
Eash square 1 mile by 1 mile.
6 mile lines run E & W Width Latitude
6 mile line run N & S Length Longitude.
Bills of Attainder
Article 1 sect 10 pgf 1 are illlegal.
Allows punnishment without a trial.
Attainder Means Coruption of Blood meaning only the person guilty shall be punished.
Elastic Clause found Article 1 section 8 pgf 18
To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the forgoing powers, and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the gonernment of the United States, or in any depatrment or officer therof. (Necessary and proper are the key words only by combing the power granted in this clause with one in the other seventeen powers can congress make use of the impiled powers granted to it in the constitution. Laws based on this clause are subject to review by the judical branch.)
Federal Edifice
First showed up in the Massachusetts Centinel Jan 30 1788
Dipicting pillars with a hand raising the state to ratify for statehood The ratification needed 9 for the states to become s union.
To impeach
To bring formal charges against
House of Rep brings charge.
Senete holds trial.
Cheif Justice of supreme court is the Judge.
Dual citizenship
1. Federal Gonernment
2. State Government
3. Tri Citizenship- Tribal
Groups of Powers
1.Delegated powers Fed government- Tax, War, Money.
2.Reserve powers- State- Tax, Laws
3.Retained powers- People Vote, Religion, Education,
4.Shared (concurrant) powers_ State and Federal Government Both delagate and Reserve power.
3 Parts of the Bill of Right Seperation of powers
Checks and Balances
Legislative----Makes laws
Excutive-------Enforces laws
Judicial-------Interprets laws
Ex Post facto
Article 1 sect 9 pgf 3 Laws are illlegal:Can't make a law after the fact.
Writ of Habes Corpus
Article 1 sect 9 pgf 2 Document that forces a release of a person if they have not been legally convictedof a crime.
To be found Guilty Article 3 sect 3 pgf 1.
2 wittnesses to some act or a confession .
levy war adhering to the enemy giving aide to the enemy.
Bill of Rights
10th Amendment
26 right in each