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raising one or two cash crops
the economic system in which private businesses and individuals control the means of production and use them to earn profits
risk their own money in new industry
Charles Goodyear
Vulcanized rubber in 1839
didn't freeze or melt
used to protect boots
Elias Howe
1846 sewing machine
I.M. Singer
foot threadle
Samuel F. B. Morse
created the telegraph 1837
10 miles
Robert Fulton
Steamboat era
150mile trip up Hudson River NYC to Albany in 32 hours
Erie Cannal
First cannal 1817
John Deere
1837 Steal Plow
Cyrus McCormick
Mechanical reaper work of 5 hands
Lousiana Purchase
1803 Doubled the size made by Jefferson
Manifest destiny
expand to the Pacific Ocean and into Mexican territory
panic of 1837
Convinced many people that they would be better off attempting a fresh start in the West.
Black Hawk War
Started in Illinois and spread to Wisconsin

Ended in August 1832

Foz and Sauk tribes forced to move west of Mississippi
Treaty of Fort Laramie
1851 provided various nations to control Central Plains
Oregon Trail
Independence Missouri to Portland Oregan
Marcus and Narcissa Whitman
Methodist Missionaries, oregon trail to Wilamette Valley
founder Joseph Smith Layfette, New York 1827

Brigham Young moved them to Salt Lake
Land grant agents
Stephen F. Austin
empresario, est. colony
Old Three Hundred
177 acres of land
Gone to Texas
Santa Anna
served as president
abandoned mission and fort
sam Houston
Defeated Santa Anna at San Jacinto
President of Republic of Texas
Republic of California
Sonoma June 1846 grizzly bear
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Feb 2, 1848 Rio Grande Boarder of for texas.
15 mil
California, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Ariz. Colorado, Wyoming

Mex. religion, property, bilingual elections, open boarders
Gadsden Purchase
Current boarders of u.s.
James Marshall
January 1848 Sutter's Mill California Sierra Nevadas discovered gold
prospectors who flocked to Calforina in 1849
Santa Fe Trail
Independence, Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico

780 miles