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When did my husband, named Frank, Buffalo Bill and I take the show to Europe where we met Queen Victoria?
1887, when I was 27 years old
At what age was I able to pay off the debts of my family's farm with my shooting skills?
Age 13
What did I care enough to do?
I cared enough to melt down my gold medals, sell the gold, and give the money to the children's hospital.
At what age was I hired out to another family to help around their house?
Age 10
Why did Sitting Bull call me his adopted daughter, Little Sure Shot?
Because I could hit every target I aimed at.
When was I born?
August 13, 1860
When did I die?
November 3, 1926
What name was I given at birth?
Phoebe Ann Moses
What kind of trick shots did I learn to do?
Shoot dimes from fingers, ashes off cigarettes, shoot holes in playing cards, and shoot out flames on candles
When did I shoot my first rifle?
When I was eight years old, I killed a rabbit and broke my nose at the same time.
What did I learn in life?
I learned to aim at a high mark. I knew I would eventually hit it. Practice makes you perfect. And finally, I hit the bull's eye of success.
What did I live in when I was young?
A two bedroom cabin
At what age did I win a shooting contest against Frank Butler who made his living from shooting at Exhibitions?
Age 15
Where was I born?
Darke County, Ohio
When did I join the Buffalo Bill Cody Wild West Show?
Age 25
When did my father die?
My father died February 11, 1866 when I was still five years old.
When did I marry Frank Butler?
1876 at age 16
How many brothers and sisters did I have?
What am I known for?
I am one of the best sharpshooters in the world.
When did I retire from the Wild West Show?
In 1902 at age 42 I retired.
What did I give away?
I gave show tickets to the orphans so they could see the show as I remember how it was to have nothing and lose a parent as a child.
What are two things I want people to learn about guns?
1. Never pick up a gun without looking to see if it is loaded.
2. Never point a gun at any person.
When did I meet a Sioux Indian, named Sitting Bull?
In 1884 at age 24
When did Frank and I join the circus and change my name to Annie Oakley?
Age 22
What did I do after I retired?
I wrote a booklet about Gun Safety.