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who said "the office of president isn't such a very difficult one to full"-
George Dewey
As the _____ _______ the president is expected to be the representative of all the people, to work for the public interest, not competing private interest
as chief citizen
who said of the presidency: "it is preeminently a place of moral leadership."?
what following president said "the presidency does not yield to definition?
who said "one thing at one time, another at another?--also, "the president of an early constitution of an athlete, the pratience of a mother, and the endurance of an early christian."
Gerald ford could have served a maximum of how many years?
of 6.5 years
the order of succession is what?
president, V.P., speaker of the house, and president pro temp of the senate, then secretary of state
sections 3-4 of the 25th amendment says what?
the v.p. will become acting president
what are the v.p.'s formal duties?
to preside over the senatee, and to help decide the question of presidential disability
who said: "the job of the vice president is not worth a pitcher of warm spit."?
vance garner
what refers to finding a running mate who will enhance the elect ability of the presidential nominee?
"balancing the ticket"
who were picked by presidents not elected?
both rockerfeller and ford
what does the constitution say about presidential nominations?
there is what statutory law regarding presidential nominations?
almost no
a convention must do what two things?
(1)adopt a part platform. (2)nominate a candidate for president and vice president
each convention has what four major committees?
(1)rules and order of business (2)permanent organization (3)credentials (4)platform and resolutions
what is the convention's speed speech called?--its purpose is to psych people up for the campaign to follow
the keynote address
when is the formal election of the president?
it is on january 6th
who all won the popular vote, but lost their elections?
Andrew Jackson
Samuel Tilden
Grover Cleveland
what is his chief right arm?
the executive office of the president
what is the nerve center of the executive branch?
the white house
what is the presidents primary legal advisor?
the white house counsel
what counsels the president on all matters of national security?
the NSC
what directs the activities of the CIA?
the NSC
what prepares the annual budget?
OMB is the office of management and budget
what does not require senate approval?
the OMB
what is the time period in which the government conducts its finances. it runs from what?
a fiscal year
october 1 to september 30
what is there to advise the president on all matters, which involve the economy?
the counsel of economic advisors (CEA)
what are the legal qualifications?
you must be 35 years old or older, you must be a natural born citizen. you must be a resident of the u.s. itself for 14 years
what has been lawyers?
what are the following positions have produced more presidents than any other?
(1) a state governor (2) a u.s. senator (3) a general in the u.s. army
a president is limited to two terms of office by what?--it passed in 1951. Therefore he can serve a maximum of what?
the 22nd amendment
2.5 terms or ten years
as what the president stands as the symbol of the united states, its power and its policies?
as the chief of state
the top official of a department is called what? What is the one exception? What is it led by?
department of justice
attorney general
What does the president have? this means that he is able to appoint the top 1500 jobs in the executive branch.
power of patronage
what sought to close the western hemisphere to european colonization?
the monroe doctrine
what confronted the possibility of soviet aggression in greece and turkey?
the truman doctrine
what focused on outsie interference in the middle east, specifically the suez canal?
the eisenhower doctrine
what proclaimed the security of the persian gulf as a vital american security interest?
the carter doctrine
what declared american support for anybody anywhere who was fighting against marxist government?
the reagan doctrine
requires what kind of the vote?
what part of the president can use the power to pardon federal criminals?
chief jurist
what means he can shorten it either by setting an earlier cut-off date or by stopping the sentence at once. he can grant what? which postpones the execution of a sentence.
commute a sentence
in 1831 what president successfully defied the constitution and the supreme court regarding the cherokee indians. he's the only one to pull this off.
andrew jackson
who favored a strong central government and he argued that the president should be someone with be someone with the ability to wield a great deal of power?
alexander hamiliton
who favored a presidency of "limited powers" that would be effectively balanced by the legislature?
james madison
who preached one approach to the office but practiced another. he supposedly favored a limited government, but as president, he practiced strong executive leadership both in his domestic and foreign policies?
thomas jefferson
what associated with who? he argued that the executive was limited only by specific restrictions and prohibitions inthe constitution or by those imposed by congress. beyond that says TR, it was the president's duty to do all he could do.
the broad view
theodore roosevelt
what is associated with who?...who said that the president should excerise no power, which could not be traced to a specific part of the consitution. he stressed a limited more passive approach to the office.
limited constructionist view
william howard taft
he must be able to what?
judge men, delgate responsibility, and back up those he trusts
as a chief of state our president both what?
Reigns and rules
Who felt like: "a culprit who is going top his place of execution."?
Who described it as "a place of splendid misery."?
To who was "the lonliest place in the worlds."?
to who it was "a prison."?
To who was it "like riding a tiger."?
Who found out that:"the problems are more difficult that I imagined them to be."?
Who said: "the president represents all the people and must face up to all the problems."?