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What experience does Hillary Cinton have?
lawyer, 1st lady, senotor of NY
What does Hillary think about abortion?
she is pro-choice (opposed partial birth bad decision)
What is Hillarys hEAlthcare choice?
Universal Health Care
What is the key issue with Hillary (good and bad)
good- experience
bad- first woman
What does Hillary think about the war?
voted for the war but favors withdraw eventually
what is universal health care
everyone MUST have healthcare. (more money u make, more you pay)
where do most presidents come froM?
what party is hillary with?
What is Chuck Hagels experience?
vietnam and a senator
What is Chuck Hagels opinion on abortion?
is he conservative or liberal?
For or against war?
against. also against patriot act.
what party is hagel with?
SUPER republican
What is Bill Richardons downflaw when it comes to being elected?
he is mexican
What is Bill RIchardsons experience?
House of Rep., UN Ambassader and GOv or New Mexico
What is Bill Richardsons opinion on immigration?
strengthen border
What party is Bill Richardson?
Moderate democratic
what is the key concern with Bill Richardson
too close to clinton?, personal life, no name recignicion
what kind of candidate is Bill and what does he mostly stand for?
green candidate, global warming
Who is Barack Obama?
he is half black
What is Obamas experience?
civil rights lawyer, state senote of illinois
liberal or conservative?
what does obama think of the war in iraq?
against it, immediate withdrawal
how do him and hillary relate?
they are complete opposites
Mitt Romney- what is his experience and religion?
gov of mass., morman.
what is john mccains opinion of abortion and what is the bad issure with him?
prolife, too old?
What is the problem with edwards?
dying wife.
what is edwards opinion with the war?
immediate withdrawal
how does hillary and edwards relate?
both democratic but Edwards is more clear