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How did Bush initiate the War on terrorism after 911?
military means,
improved homeland security,
and stricter banking laws
what are the choices a gov makes to balance and apply economic, militarty, diplomatic, and other resources to preserve the nations people, territory and values?
grand strategy
expalin the vietnam war. (when it was, how many troops were deployed, was we were trying to do, did it work?)
between 1965-1973, US deployed 500,000 troops to prevent N Vietnam from taking over South. It failed
What is the formal gov agreement entered into by the pres. tthat does not require the advice and concent of the US senate?
executive agreement
what was the cuban missile crises?
US and Soviet union over soviet deployment of meduim-range ballistic missiles in Cuba
WHo is responsible for collection and analysis of info about foreign contries?
Central Intelligence Agency
Who is responsible for advising the president about foriegn and defence policy?
National Security Council
What is unilateralism?
a policy of acting without consulting others
what policy said the US would remain actively involved in forien affairs?
What as the Reagan Doctrine policy?
the US would proibide military assistance to anti-communist groups fighting against pro-soviet governments
what is the Nixon Doctrine policy?
the US would provide arms and military equiptment to countries but wont fight for them.
what organization was formed after wwII to promote security and promote global exonomic and social well being
United Nations
what is pragmatism?
taking advantage of a situation for national gain
What is the World Trade Organization designed to do?
settle trade disputes
what is the most important branch of gov in the formulation of foriegn policy?
executive branch
Why was homeland security created?
the terrorist attacks of 911
how can congress control foreign policy through warfare?
what are peachkeeper troops on the United Nations nicknamed?
blue helmets