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advice and consent
powers given to the Us senate by the constitution to give its advice and consent to the president on treatis and appointments
the advisore group appt by the president to advise him on decision makking. Depending on the president this group could be very imorpant or not really important at all
commander in chief
the role of the president as supreme commander of the Military forces and the national guard
council of economic advisers
staff agency in the EOP that advises the president
emergency powers
inherent powers used by the president during times of a national crisis
executive agreement
international agreement made by the president without senate approval with heads of foreign states
executive office of the president
establised of FOP tehn staff agencies that assist the president in carrying out major duties
executive order
a rule issued by teh president that has an effect of law implements and gives admin effect to provision s to the constitutions treaties and statutes
executive priviledge
the right to executive officials to refuse to appear before or withhold info from a legislative comittee
inherent power
power granted to teh president from loosly worded statment in the constitution
office of management and budget
assists the president in preparing the annual buget to clear and coordinate al ldept agency budgets and help set the fiscal policy
twelth amendement
1804 separate election for president and vice president
twenty fifth amendment
establishes procedures for filling vacancies in the two top executive offices and that makes provisions fo rsituations involving presidential disability
washington community
individuals regularly involved in the politics in washington DC
australian ballot
a secret ballot prepard distributed ad tabulated by govt officials a the public expense. All states have use dthis since 1888.
the adding together of individual contributions to increase impact on the candidate
a closed meeting of party members to select candidates and propose policies
a person that casts ballots for pres/vp number of electors in each state is equal to the states number of representatives in both chambers of congress
independent expenditures
non regulated leagal contributions to election campains from corps, unions, and other interests groups as long as they werent coordinated with those of the candidate
issue voting
voting for a candidate based on he or she stands on a particular issue
office block or mass ballot
a form of general election ballot in which candidates for elective offices are arranged in one column under their party affiliations
presidential primary
a statewide primary election of delegates to political party's national convention to help a party determing its presidential nominee
entry of a persons name onto the list of eligible voters for elections age, citezenship and residency
socioeconomic status
a category of peoplw with in a society who have similar levels of income
soft money
campaing contributions which evade contribution limitations given to the pary an party comittees to help fund general party activities
sound bite
a brief meomorable comment that easily can be easily fit into a news broadcast
super tuesday
the date on which a number of presidential primaries are held including those in the most southern state
tracking poll
a poll taken for a candidate on a nearly daily basis as election day approaches
voter turnout
percentage of citizens taking part in the election process