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Appalachian Mountain and Mississippi river were to geographical effects from the treaty of paris. Established the borders of the United States.Explain two geographical effects from the Treaty of Paris. In other words, the United States gained (1.) and (2.).
The Appalachian Mountain and Mississippi river were two geographical effects from the treaty of paris. It Established the borders of the United States.
Explain the purpose of the Land Ordinance. (one sentence)
The purpose of the Land Ordinance was to establish a plan for the orderly sale of country’s western territory.
three provisions of the Land Ordinance
* Townships six miles on each side
* Sections of 640 acres
* A section reserved to support a public schools
Explaon the purpose of the Northwest Ordinance (one sentence.
The purpose of the Northwest Ordinance was a plan to create a government for the region north of the Ohio River and west of Pennsylvania.
Explain what happens when a territory reaches 5, 000 free men.
Once there were 5,000 free men they could then elect a legislature and sent a nonvoting delegate to Congress.
Explain what happens when a territory reaches 60, 000 free inhabitants
. When a territory reaches 60,000 people the state shall be admitted.
What type of government must be established? Define republican form of government.
A Republican Government. Republican means that the people hold the power and give elected representatives authority.
How was slavery handled in the Northwest Ordinance?
Slavery was handled in the Northwest by saying that slavery is not allowed in the states
Which branch of government was responsible for approving a future state’s constitution and admittance into the Union?
The congress was responsible for approving a future state’s constitution and admittance into the Union
List the states created from the Northwest Ordinance
. Ohio, Indiana Illinois Michigan and Wisconsin were created from the northwest ordinance.
Explain why a debate arose over this situation. Who would benefit from slaves being counted in a state’s population?
A debate arose over this situation because it would be unfair that the south would have more votes and that it encouraged slavery.
Explain the solution from Charles Pinckney.
A white person was to be counted as one vote and all the other people were to represent 3/5s of the vote and that was the solution from Charles Pinckney.
13. Go to page 137 – Article I, the Legislative Branch. Locate Section 2. Go to third paragraph. Explain why the information in this section is crossed out- you realize this information was not crossed out until December 18, 1865. Go to page 150. Explain what happened December 18, 1865-include the purpose.
This information was crossed out because until the 13th amendment slavery was still around.
Explain why Napoleon offered to sell the entire region to the United States.
Napoleon wanted to sell the entire region if the United States because he wanted to make Louisiana the center of his new empire. (???)
Who was the President of the United States at this time? Does the Executive Branch have the constitutional authority to buy land? Who does?
Thomas Jefferson was the President at the time. No Congress has the constitutional right to buy land.
How much money was spent? How much per acre
15 million dollars were spent. Per acre it was about 4 cen
What was the geographical effect of this purchase- in other words, what happened to the United States in relation to geography?
The united state gained more land from the purchase. This also helped them control more land from present day U.S.
6. Explain the economic effect for the United States- how did this acquisition help the United States financially?
15 million dollars in debt was the economic effect.
Convention of 1818 (p.194)
7. Explain the geographical effect of the Adams-Onis Treaty.
The effect was that the United States gained the rest of Florida.
8. What did the United States receive from Spain? How much money?
For 5 million dollars they received the rest of Florida.
9. Define the Monroe Doctrine. Who was President of the United States?
The Monroe Doctrine was declaring that European countries could no longer establish colonies in the Americas and that the U.S would stay out of European affairs. The president was James Monroe.
11. Explain what caused the demand for cotton throughout the world.
When more people produced cotton the price went down so more people could buy it.
Explain why growing and selling cotton proved difficult for southern farmers.
It was difficult for southern farmers because the United States wasn’t a great climate for growing cotton and the seeds were hard to pick out of the plant
13. Who created the cotton gin? How did the cotton gin work?
Eli Whitney created the cotton gin. It worked by using stiff brushes and rollers fitted with wire teeth to pull the fibers through narrow slits and free them from the seeds.
14. What factors created the need for the cotton gin?
It was hard to pick the seeds out of the plants.
15. How did the North benefit from the invention of the cotton gin?
The North benefited because they south was producing much cotton so the North could buy it cheaply and make clothes from it.
16. How did the cotton affect the South’s growth and development?It was a good economical factor and people would move to the South to make cotton because they could sell it.
It was a good economical factor and people would move to the South to make cotton because they could sell it.
17. Explain why the demand for slaves rose after the inventions of cotton gin?
The demand for slaves rose because more slaves meant more cotton could be produced which created a bigger amount to sell and make a profit.
18. What was the cotton belt, and why was it given that name?
The cotton belt was a big Agriculture region largely devoted to the production of cotton. It was given that name because there was a big area across the south that looked like a belt.
19. List the four Southern states that produced 70% of the cotton grown in the United States.
South Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, and Alabama
20. Compare and contrast (explain the relationship between) the exporting of cotton versus tobacco from 1790 to 1850.
There were many more exports of cotton than there was of tobacco as the years progressed. In 1970 more tobacco was exported then in 1850 more cotton was exported.
21. What year did cotton reach its peak in exports? How many millions of pounds?
Cotton reached its peak in exports in 1840.
1. If you were a northerner debating the Missouri case, then what previous document dealt with the issue of slavery in the northern states? Which branch of government had the authority to deal with the issue of slavery?
The northwest ordinance was the previous document that dealt with the issue of slavery in the northern states. The legislative Branch had the authority to deal with these issues.
2. IF you where a southerner debating the Missouri case, then which amendment from the first ten deals with the issue of slavery? Explain your argument
Slaves were considered property therefore under the 5th amendment the government could not deprive someone forms their property.
3. Explain the compromise created by Henry Clay. You should mention three parts of the compromise.
The compromise is that Missouri was admitted as a slave state while Maine was admitted as a free state. North of 36º30º north latitude in the Louisiana Purchase was free.
4. Define Manifest Destiny
Manifest destiny is that the Americans keep moving west to get more land. The Americans think they are superior because they believe they are better than the Indians. Democracy was spread across America. Indians became more civilized because of trade with Americans. The 19th centaury doctrine according o which the United States was believed to have the god given right to expand into and possess the whole of the North American Continent.
5. Define Annex
Annex is to take control of land.
6. Define Bear Flag revolt. What territory state did the US acquire?
The mexicans were defeated and California became a state.
7. Purpose of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
The purpose of Guadalupe Hidalgo was to end the Mexican war; 15 million dollars were paid for Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, California, Nevada and Utah.
8. Define Mexican Cession. Name the present day American Southwest states acquired.
Mexican Cession was the huge gain of territory. The U.S. got the rest of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.
9. Define Gadsden purchase.
Gadsden Purchase is 10 million dollars for more land in New Mexico and Arizona.
After the united states acquired all of this land, what do you think was the debate in Congress between the northern states and the southern states?
I think congress debated that the southerners were getting to many states so the votes would be unfair issues of slaves.
Define popular sovereignty
Popular sovereignty is the process that would let voters in a new territory make there own decisions about slavery.
Explain the purpose of the Compromise of 1850
The purpose of the compromise was the debate over the land acquired from the Mexican and to announce California as a free or slave state. Henry Clay came up that California should be entered as a free state, slave trade is prohibited in the District of Columbia, he proposed a harsh fugitive slave bill and that the rest of the Mexican cession would issue popular sovereignty to decide to have slaves or not in New Mexico and Utah.