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American Federation of Labor
•One of the first Unions
•Languages labor unions used: English and German
Irish Immigrants and why they came
~ Potato famine and they were all farmers
oThey came over looking for jobs
oAlso because of religious persecution and industry revolution
Irish Immigrants and how they were treated
oPeople were extremely harsh towards them, prejudice and because:
Catholic ( most people at time in US were Protestants)
Considered drunks
Short tempered and stupid ( non educated)
Competition for jobs
Know Nothing Party
•Political party started by Nativist Americans
oWanted to maintain Protestant Anglo – Saxon men in power.
oAnti - immigration
Adapted better than the Irish

At this time, German and Irish were the largest groups
13 Constitutional Amendment
Abolishing slavery
14 Constitutional Amendment
Due process/life liberty property/ citizen equality
oCouldn’t be arrested w/o jurisdiction of states.
oAlso, all people would get equal protection
Leif Erickson
Discovered America before Colombus and by accident.
Was viking from Greenland
Where did the people who first immigrated to North and South America come from?
Euroasia (Europe & Asia)
Why did Colombus call Indians Indians?
Because he thought he actually landed in India and not America
What did the Old World bring to America?
(could have been for the Indians)
AND What Indians did they bring these things to mainly?
~Diseases, horses, weapons, and alcohol.

~The Plaines Indians
What large animal did the white men destroy, which hurt the Indian culture.
Daws Act
Divided Indian reservations, which made it more for individuals and Indians worked as a more of community.
Settlement Policy of 19th century for Indian reservations
North and South Dakota
~Trail of Tears
~ Formed Republic in Georgia
What is the main difference between natives and whites w/ communities
Indians worked together in a community and whites believed that it was better to work individually, and by themselves.
Indian who lead Spanish revolt in 1680
1883 Civil Rights Supreme Court Case
~Stated that Congress unable to outlaw racial discrimination for privat organizations.
EX: If you owned a restaurant you can choose who you want to eat in there. Like, no blacks etc.
Who were African Americans least likely to vote for during and after the Civil War
Democratic Party
Booker T. Washington
African American Leader
Not militant and opposed to using violence.
Gave speech: Atlanta Compromise - right seeker for African Americans and also did not push South's buttons.
Edward Brooke
African American Leader
1st African American after reconstruction to become a US senator
Colin Powell
African American Leader
1st African American to hold position of Chairman of Point Chief Staff & Secretary of State.
2 ways of promoting Abolition
Immediate Abolitionists (gives rights through legal means and more peaceful)
Slavery in US different than everywhere else
Only one race and one group of people
Middle Passage
Bringing slaves from Africa
Horrific conditions - boat
Decleration of Independence
Only written for white men
Black Codes
REstrict rights of free black men to make it like still slaves, used to keep African Americans in their place.
40 acres & Mule
compensate African Americans of South to get started, didnt end up happening
American Colonization Society
Headed by Marcus Darby
Wanted blacks to go back to Africa (Liberia)
~Prob: most AA were born in US so never been to Africa
Underlying Cause of Civil War....?
founder of Liberator and involved in North Abolition Movement
William Lloyd Garrison
Violent Abolitionist
Harpers Ferry - took over an armery and wanted to start a slave uprising
John Brow
Took over after Lincoln
and came from South
Reconstruction Policy
President Johnson
What did Pres. Johnson do with the Reconstruction Policy and the South?
Gave South what they wanted, let back in Union w/o cost.
He also Vetoed several different Civil Right Bills
2 types of Immigration
Old and New
Old Immigration
From North and Western Europe
New Immigrants
Came from South and Eastern Europe
Limited number to come to US (2% per country)
Also, Northern had biggest advantage b/c highest quota
National Origins Act of 1924 or called immigrants Act 1924
LPC Clause
Likely to become a Public Charge
(Prohibit/Limit Immigration)
Knights of Labor
Indians didnt like Immigration
Terrance Powderly
~Feared that immigrants would take over jobs availabe in US
What did things like the Great Depression and War change about immigrants
Less came over
Three US British Colonies
1) New England
2) Middle
3) Southern
What British Colony was the most diverse
Why did Irish immigrants come to US
Potato famine
Why were Irish treated so badly other than other immigrant groups
What immigration group was the least wealthiest when came over to US
Built Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads
Asian Immigrants
Immigrant group 1st to be excluded from US
Asians and San Francisco
City wouldnt allow japanese into their schools.
Took most interest in the Japanese immigrants because they came over without citizenship and stayed
Japanese Goverenment
Japanese bombed what?
Pearl Harbor
Japan and Pearl Harbor
Brought a lot of racism
Internment camps which violated civil rights
Japanese Internment Camps
Werent as bad as Nazi ones, however, still horrible
In 1988 we apologized to people who had decendents who were in US Japanese internment camps by....
Giving 20,000 dollars to each
Chinese Six Companies
Mid 1800s
Powerful organization in West Coast China town
Rep Chinese immigrants all over US
Restricted immigration of Chinese
Naturalization Act of 1870
Outlawed slavery in any territory gained from the Mexican American War
(was never passed)
Was in 1840s
Wilmot Proviso
13 Constitutional Amendment
Abolished Slavery and enforced abolition
14th Constitutional Amendment
US citizenship and repealed 3/5 clause (which counted each AA as 3/5 of a person etc.)
This Amendment gave everyone equal protectoin under the law
15th Constitutional Amendment
Could not prhibit race as someone to vote. (Black men could vote)
Written 1820
To regulate slavery in new western territories. A compromise between pro & anti slavery. Which states would and which wouldnt have slavery
Missouri Compromise
Which act repealed the Missoui Compromise and instead territories themselves could decide if they wanted slavery or not
Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854
Compromise of 1850
Northerners had prob with this act because...(2)
1) Had stricter & harsher fugitive slave laws
2) Rejected Wilmot Proviso
Military Reconstruction Act of 1867
Divided South into 5 military districts w/ military union soldiers present in south to maintain order.
What territories did US acquire after the Spanish American War
Guam, Phillipines, Cuba, Puerto Rico territories
Fouracer Act
Spanish American War
Established civilian government in Puerto Rico
Constitution for Hawaii & territories acquired from the Spanish American War
Insuler Cases
Big in 1970s
Demanded rights for Equality
Leader of the Hispanic Chicanos
Cesar Chavez
Greatest increse in immigratino in past 25 years
Threat of mexican deportation
during great depression, taking white men jobs
Famous for defining New Frontier - principle force in shaping American Life
Frederick Jackson Turner
Betty Friedan
Feminist and wrote the Feminie Mystique
Assassinated President Mickinely, which let Theodore Roosevelt become President
Leon Czolgosz
Ist major Industry to attract people to the west
Mining Industry
Watt's Riot
LA in 1992 - race riot
Ist major cash crop during Civil War
911 and religious or ethnic discrimination group
Arab, Muslim Community