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What is the role of the Government
Maintain Order- narrow def.; briad def.

Protect Liberty- "Social Contract" - Hobbes and Locke

Promote Equality
What are some of the Dilemmas of Government?
Freedom vs. Order

Freedom vs. Equality
What is democracy?
Demos (people) and Kratia (authority)
18TH century version = the Electoral College
What is Repubilcan?
indirect democracy
representative democracy
what are some models of Democracy?
Majoritarian- values participation by individual citizen; majority rules;
candidate elections, plus referenda & initiative; public opinion polls
Pluralist- participation thur groups; no one group controls; biased against the poor; Madison's Federalist No. 10(pp. 46-47)
What are the five basic concepts of government?
maintain order
protect freedom
promote equality
majoritarian vs. pluralist democracy
we are decidely pluralist
when was the government begin
Virginia House of Burgesses
General court odf Massachusetts
what is the treaty of paris 1763
reform of the British Emprie-- control of trade & commerce

need for revenue-- taxation
What is the Imperial Debate
it is the inseparably essentia to the freedom of a people-- that no taxes should e imposed on them, but with their own consent, given personally, or by their representative. Stamp Act Congress,1765
rejecting the virtual representtation theory
the birth of interest group politics
pluralist democracy
What are the Colonies react
1765: Stamp Act Congress (9 in NYC)
1770: Boston Massacre
1774: Coercive Acts->> 1st Continental Congress
1775: Lexington & Concord->> 2nd Continental Congress
1776: July 4th-- Declaration of Independence
When was the revolutionary war
1776- 1783
What are the articles of confederation
congress of the US(a legislative assembly)
a government of the states
not based on consent of the governed
What happened in Alexandria (VA) 1785
2 states meet VA & MD
concluded-- only 2 states doesn't work
What happened in Annapolis (MD) on Sept,1786
invited all satates
called for a constitutional convention "revise" articles of confederation
Shay's Rebebellion tipped the scales
congress issues call-- come to PA, summer of '87