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27th Amendment
RESTRICTING CONGRESSIONAL PAY RAISES (1992)- Congress not allowed to increase its current pay. (Delays pay raises until after the next House election)
26th Amendment
LOWERING THE VOTING AGE (1971)- Ballot for 18 year olds, Enforcement. (from 21 to 18, sparked by Vietnam War)
25th Amendment
PRESIDENTIAL SUCCESSION AND DISABILITY (1967)- VP to become prez if he dies or is disabled, Prez chooses if VP dies and congress approves, procedure for disqualifying or requalifying the prez.
24th Amendment
POLL TAX (1964)- Payment of poll tax or other taxes not to be prerequisite for voting in federal elections. Enforcement.
23rd Amendment
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA VOTE (1961)- Grants residents of DC the right to vote in presidential elections and they get 3 electoral votes. Enforcement.
22nd Amendment
ANTI-THIRD TERM AMENDMENT (1951)- Presidential term is limited. (Only elected twice and if served for two years, can only run once)
20th Amendment
PRESIDENTIAL AND CONGRESSIONAL TERMS (1933)- All terms of office begin in January (prez and vp= Jan 20th) Congress meets on Jan. 3rd, if Prez-elect dies then VP-elect becomes prez. Ends Lame Duck period.
21st Amendment
PROHIBITION REPEALED (1933)- Eighteenth Amendment is repealed, local laws honored concerning prohibition.
19th Amendment
WOMAN SUFFRAGE (1920)- Women guaranteed the right to vote.
18th Amendment
NATIONAL PROHIBITION (1919)- The sale or manufacture of intoxicating liquors is forbidden.
17th Amendment
DIRECT ELECTION OF SENATORS (1913)- Sentatos shall be elected by popular vote. (Before it was done by legislatures)
16th Amendment
INCOME TAXES (1913)- Congress has power to lay and collect income taxes. (Personal)
15th Amendment
SUFFRAGE FOR BLACKS (1870)- Black males are made voters. (All male U.S. Citizens may now vote)
14th Amendment
CIVIL RIGHTS FOR EX-SLAVES, ETC. (1868)-Ex-Slaves made citizens, rep. reduced when states deny their vote, people who rebelled cannot be in fed. or state office, debts incurred in aid of rebellion are void, enforcement. (Protects the rights of all American citizens regardless of race or color)
13th Amendment
SLAVERY PROHIBITED (1865)- Makes slavery illegal.
12th Amendment
ELECTION OF PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT (1804)- The electors vote for only one candidate in each office and if no one reaches a majority then the House of Reps selects the President and the Senate selects the VP.
11th Amendment
SUITS AGAINST A STATE (1798)- The federal courts have no authority in suits by citizens against a state.
10th Amendment
POWERS RESERVED TO THE STATES AND TO THE PEOPLE (1781) - Powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states and the people.
9th Amendment
CONCERNING RIGHTS NOT ENUMERATED (1791)- The people retain rights not here enumerated.
8th Amendment
BAIL AND PUNISHMENTS (1791)- Excessive fines and unusual punishments are forbidden.
6th Amendment
PROTECTION IN CRIMINAL TRIALS (1791)- An accused person has important rights. (Guarantees the right to know why he or she is being arrested, to have a lawyer, and to have a speedy trial)
7th Amendment
SUITS AT COMMON LAW (1791)- The rules of common law are recognized. (Guarantees a jury trial for civil cases in which citizens sue for damages)
5th Amendment
RIGHT TO LIFE, LIBERTY, AND PROPERTY (1791)- The individul is guaranteed certain rights when on trial and teh right to life, liverty and property. (No double jeopardy)
4th Amendment
SEARCHES AND SEIZURES (1791)- Unreasonable searches are forbidden.
3rd Amendment
QUARTERING OF TROOPS (1791) - Soldiers may not be arbitrarily quartered on the people.
2nd Amendment
RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS (1791)- The people may bear arms.
1st Amendment
RELIGIOUS AND POLITICAL FREEDOM (1791)- Congress must not interfere with freedom of religion, speech, or press, assembly, and petition.