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Gold mining techniques (3)
plaser mining-pan for gold (independent)

mechanized mining-dig deeper, water often powering tools

industrial mining-even deeper, hydrolic miing, heavy jets of water to get gold from side of mountain
unfree laborers, degrading status of "workin man"
Rock Springs, Wymoing
Rock Springs, Wymoing Massacre-28 Chinese died in while mining
scott act
living in the US, go back to China, can't return
chinese gangs, control of drugs and prostitutes. bad image for asians.
reconstruction 1866 Civil Rights Act
-act to protect everybody, -everybody borin in US (except Indians) are US citizens
-14th Amednment ratified in 1869, (indians included in 1869)
land reform
-40 acres and a mule, give blacks a chance to own landand survive
-didn't work b/c white were implementing it.
Wong, Same, and assistants
"english-chinese phrase book" read about experience of Chinese, learn how to do business and survive
chinese moved to the south, replaced slaves as.. .(agriculture)

labor contractors, merchants, tennants, fruit peddlers

laundry, reaturants, domestic servants (women work)
6 companies
chinese formed 6companies, district associates, taught English.
prostituion and the Page Act
women stolen from China (lured), contracted from 4-6 years, can be broken, no legal recourse, could stay longer;
Japanese terms-
issei-immigrant/First Gen
nisei-Am. born/Second Gen.
commodore matthew perry
chosen to go to Japan, to open them up. set up squadron-fire ammunition to display power, gave japan model locomotive(symbol of technology); japan-sumo-->unequal trade, meji era-modernize.
-shar prise in commerce
hawaii sovereignty
sugar plantations-James cook discovers hawaii, william cooper-first sugar platnion, hawaiian dying b/c of diseases (which is why they all conver to Christianity)
-Japanese first to come. (middle class)
Pidgeon word for "work -work"
hana-hana, luna=overseer=different ethnicity (made ethnicities fight w/ each ohter)
teddy roosevelt
didnt' understand why Americans hurt Jap. --gentlemen's aggreement
Boxer Rebellion
killed western missinaries.(in china)

korea allow missionaries to overthrow Japanese
Horace Allen
one of first missionary in Korea, save King's life, arrangement w/ japand and hawaii sugar plantation
Why did Japn annex Korea?
protectorate of Korea-control them, Korewa now part of Japan (no European country prtoested), US deal with Japan (US no mess with Korea, Japan no mress with Phillipines)
Korea "Drifiting people"
Phillip Jasiokn
left Korea, first MD, married white woman (first of such marriage)
-leader of anti-colonail mvmt
-formed 1st Korean Congres
Ahn Chang-Ho
-1st community Korean org-friendship society-maintain morals, no smoke or drink
-killed by Japanese
Syngman Rhee
first president of Korea
belived in indepednce through winning Am. friendship and support, PHD in princenton, Masters in Harvard, convert to Christianit, ousted from power
“Yellow Peril”
-fighing for citizenship on basis for American democracy
-1790 Naturalized Act: only “free white persons” could obtain citizenship
-citizenship=manliness.. Asians not men.
Transcontinental Railroad-
-a lot of Chinese worked on it.
-Low wage and very dangerous.
-Chinese had some strikes, but owners withheld food and almost brought in black workers to break the striekes.
-Uta-Promontory Pt. (1869)-2 R&R connected.
People v. Hall
-1850 Foreign Miners Tax-immigrants had less ability
-600+state laws to restrict progress of Chinese
-Supremee Court-standing of Chinese in court for witness
-can’t testify Chinese against whites
-can’t testify against Chinese if chinese
Chinese Exclusion Act
-1882. Sen John P. Janes-love liberty, but Chinese are barbarians and a lower-order of people.
-231-37. (landslide)
-10 year policy
-renewed to 1904
-not abolished till WWII.
Frederick Douglass
-advocate and public speaker about freedom
-support Asians and their rights.
Angel Island
-way in which people restricted when coming through
-detention facility-held to go back, or due when paper came through
Gentleman’s Agreement
-Teddy Roosevelt
-don’t segreagate Japnese in schools and stuff, and will stop Japanese from coming in to US
-bilateral foreign policy-Japan aggress to stop immigration of laborers
-can admit tourists, returning, smart people , merchants
-families allowed to come
-loophole:proff that married-“picture brides”
Ozawa v. U. S
-1910 420 Japanese immigrants wer naturalized citizens
-claimed he was an assimilated American
-Ozawa argument: “white person” as interepreted by court = person w/o negro blood
-Japanese are “free.” They are “white persons” speaking an Aryan tongue
and having Caucasian root stocks, superior class, fit for citizenship
-general arugment: 1790 men wnted to give citizen ship to people they new were worthy (white men),-if ur white u can have it, if u are not commonly called white, you can’t have citizenship
-Supreme court ruling: cant base on color of skin since white people have different colors too. However, when referring to “white person” really refers to person known as Cacuasian race.
Thind v. U. S
thind’s arguemtn: people in India belong to Aryan race b/c speaks Aryan language. Indians regard aboriginal Indian Mongloid in same manner as American regards the negro.
-Supreme Court: just b/c u are from a line of descent from Cacuasian ancestor doesn’t work. The term is used very loosely b/c in literature it includes hindu, Polynesians, etc. Courts don’t use “Caucasian” they use “free white persons”. This works b/c white people can assimilate together and people of “readily distinguishable” characteristics cannot.
Alien Land Laws
-cali 1913 and 1920. aliens ineligible to be citizenship-can’t own land.
-1910-420 Japan naturalized immigrants.
-free white person-can be a citizen
1924 Immigration Act
-seeks to preserve “native stock” of America
-based on “National Origins” quotas
-only <150 Japan allowed in
-total exclusion of “aliens ineligible for citenzhip”-no Asians
-new creation of the “illegal alien”-creation of the Border Patro, promot deportation
-Deterioration of US-Japan Relations.
-Japan has “National Humiliation Day”-Americans are not our friends
-Americans don’t’ want us.
-if you marry an immigrant, you will lose your own citizenship
Gurdit Singh
piloted ship full of indians (verterans of British army, had right to setlle anywhere in British empire).
-went o canda, but forced them to leave.
-why risk lives for British empire if no rights
shijkh mighrants are from
Hats (warrior/farmer) cast. some were untouchables.
Ghadar party in SF
to give India freedom; many went back to India so can fight for India's independence.
Dalip Singh Saund
phd. Berkeley; won congres seat.
emilo aguinaldo
Biak-na-Batu Truce--broker for indep. mvmt. ; cut a adea, 900,000 pesos and go to HK and stop rebellion
children of Filipino elite
Tydings-McDuffie Act
-promised "independence" to Phiilppiones oni 10 years
-restricted immigration to quota of 50
1935 Repatriotion Act
us paid Filipions for one-way ticket back to Phillipines, only 2200 went. no more speical status, must go through immigration quotas.
1946 Rescission Act
Filipions can't be in military, no benefits
1941 Black Labor Leader
A Philip Randolph-march on Washignton , protest segreagation in jobs and military; deal: FDR ban discirmination in defense industries
1943 Immigration and Naturalization rihghts
China, india, and Philippine; Korea and Japan no citizenship
most dangerous element , born in America, raise din Japan
"no-nos" repatriate-go back to old country; expatriate-renounce old country
442 Regiment (all Nisei)
fought in atlantic theater, most decorated.
Truman Doctrine
if communism threatens, US should intervene. over throw "non-friendly " gov't-Iran, Guatemala, Chile; support "friendly" dictatorships;
No Gun Ri
Korean war, kill civilians, b/c they could be N. Korean soldiers
domino theory
one country go communist, than neighboring countries go communist.