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What is the smallest state in the US?
Rhode Island
What is Wisconsin's nickname?
The Badger State
Name the Great Lakes
Huron, Michigan, Ontario, Lake Erie, Superior
Name the continents
Africa, Antarcrica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America
On which continent is the Amazon Rain Forest?
South America
Which countries border the United States?
Canada and Mexico
What are the 3 most populated cities in Wisconsin?
Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay
Name the 4 states which border Wisconsin
Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa
What year did Wisconsin become a state?
Who was the 1st European explorer in Wisconsin?
Jean Nicolet
What is our nation's bird?
American Bald Eagle
In Wahington DC what does DC stand for?
District of Columbia
What do we call the patterns made by the stars in the sky?
At what temperatture on the Fahrenheit scale does water boil?
212 degrees F
What do we call the change from gas to a liquid?
What do we call the change from a liquid to a gas?
On which side of the road should you ride a bike?
Right hand side
In which US state is there somtimes 24 hours of daylight?
Name the 4 layers of the earth's atmosphere?
Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere and Thermosphere
Name the 2 main parts of a sentence?
Subject and Predicate
How many days are in a leap year?
Where in the library are the dictionairies, encyclopedias, atlases and almanacs?
Reference Section
What is a book written about a real person?
In fictional stories what is it called when animals have human charateristics?
What is an adjective?
A word that describes a noun.
What is a headline?
The tile of a story in a newspaper
What does a byline in a newspaer tell us?
Name of the person who wrote the story
20 divided by 4 equals 5. Which of these numbers is the dividend?
How would 3 minutes before 12 register on a digital clock?
Cindy had $5 and spent $3.50. How much does she have left?
How many quarts in a gallon?
What is the blinking square which appears on a computer screen when it is waiting for a response?
What is the key, which can be used to get out of a computer program called?
Name 4 of the 6 Native American Tribes from Wisconsin?
Ojibwe, Potawatomi, Winnebago, Oneida, Menomonee, Stockbridge, Munsee
What did Sir Isaac Newton discover?
Which three flavors are in Neapolitan ice cream?
Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla