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Glorious Revolution
Overthrowing of James II in England by people
Replaced by William & Mary
Why? James' son was Catholic and people did not want him to be king.
A bloodless revolution
Introduced the British Bill of Rights
Salem Witch Trials
In America, several mini-Glorious Revolutions
Governors overthrown for having too much power
From 1689-1692, MASS had no governor so there was economic transformations and anxiety.
Produced the Salem Witch Trials
XYZ Affair
Pres Adams sends 3 Diplomats to France to ask them to stop attacking our ships
XY&Z ask for bribes to talk and diplomats refuse
War hysteria swept nation once news hit
Udeclared War with France
Began after XYZ affair
A naval war with France in Atlantic and West Indies.
Adams pushed for peace as to not get into all out war
War of 1812
Against British to stop pirating of US ships
AKA: Second War for Independence
US wanted Canada.
Fared much better in naval combat in Great Lakes
Gave nation a sense of isolationism
Hartford Convention
In response to War of 1812, 26 members from new england states met and listed grievances.
They gave them, but the news from N.O. and Ghent made them sound treasonous and petty
The end of the Federalist party was this.
Texas War for Independence
Moses Austin leads Americans to settle in Mexico
Mexico abolishes slavery and infuriates austins
In 1836, austin and houston fight against mexico for independence from that government.
gained independence for several years
Mexican-American War
Causes-Disputed boundaries from Rio grande to nueces. Texas joined Union in 1845. US wanted CA, but Mexico wont sell
Polk sends Taylor to Grande and "invades" Mexico to begin war.
Defeat Mexico and add territory to US (CA, TX, NM, & UT)
John Brown's Raid
northern abolitionist, raided arsonel to distribute guns to slaves and start a slave revolt in south
Rob e Lee chase down Brown, who stands trial for treason, murder
Convicted, sentenced to hanging
"I, John Brown, am quite certain that the guilt of this land will not be purged away but with blood."
Southern states begin to leave union
Feb, 1861- 7 states form Confederate States of America
Felt that states voluntarily joined, could voluntarily leave.
Felt they wanted their own laws for slavery, didn't want radical northerners to intervene.
Divine Right of Kings
James I set up that all kings of England were given the divine right to rule. All that they did, God expected of them.
Continued from Stuarts, to Cromwells, and back to Stuarts
English Bill of Rights
Response to the actions the Kings were taking.
Set up at Glorious Revolution
Limited what Kings could do.
Tax with direct rep
Protection from martail law in peace
Right to bear arms
French and Indian War
Fought over land from Appalachia to Mississippi
English win with Amer's against French
Doubles the size of the colonies
Huge debt on the colonies
Proclamation of 1763
Told colonists they couldn't have land cuz they didn't want to fight the Indians for it after Indians fought on behalf of the French for the most part
Three-Fifths Compromise
The south wanted to count slaves for census info to get more reps but didn't want to count slaves as citizens
north didn't want them counted as they werent citizens
compromised on counting slaves as 3/5 of a person for census
Missouri Compromise
MO would be a slave state
To keep a balance btwn slave and free states, all slavery was prohibited south of 36 dgs, 30' in the new territories.
Kentucky & Virginia Resolutions
Jefferson and Madison wrote resolutions
13 states entered into a compact regarding jurisdiction
the gov't was a creation of states
so the states were the judges of whether the gov't was overstepping its bounds
Repeal of Alien and Sedition Acts
Harsh laws for aliens
Sedition didn't allow free speech against the gov't
Kentucky concluded gov't did overstep its bounds
It's unpopularity allowed Jefferson to allow them to expire
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Stephen Douglas heads this act
Wants Popular sovreignty in KS & NB to determine Slavery
This angers the north and goes against the Missouri Compromise of 1820
Second Republican Party
(1854- )
Began in Ripon, WI out of anger towards "dough-faced" democrats who wanted popular sovreignty in states.
They wanted to stop expansion of slavery. Intense about it!
Composed of almost all Northern members
Strong federal gov't and minority rights