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Chauncey Jerome
shift in Amer economy after 1815 with most people changing from producing good and crops solely for their own use to specializing in one to sell in expanding markets locally, nationally and overseas
Market Revolution
he saw need for increased federal activity given probs the goverment experienced during war. After first national banks charter expired, financial chaos. He helped pass approval for second bank of US. Protective tarriff. Suggested government help with roads, canals, and bridges but vetoed bonus bill b/c thought states should conduct internal improvements, not national government
James Madison
invented cotton gin; caused import of more slaves; invented interchangeable firearms
Eli Whitney
he demonstrated the commercial possibilities of propelling a steam boat wtih his ship, the Clermont. Traveled from NYC to albany
Robert Fulton
telegraph invention
french commentator was amazed at scope of the postal system; said was better than in europe
Alexis de Tocqueville
court case dealt with 2nd bank of US. Did congress have power to develop it? supreme court says yes
McCulloch v. Maryland
McCulloch, bag full of money from 2nd bank
court case that gave fed gov't right to regulate interstate commerce
Gibbons v. Ogden
Marji gibbs not so sure about fed gov't regulating her roads. Old Ogden too.
court case that struck down a GA law that took away land grant from ppl who'd bought it b/c GA said they'd bribed ppl for it. Ruling: state gov't has no right to interfere with land ownership. dealt with contracts
Fletcher v/ Peck
stop pecking on my fletcher bird's land in GA
most celebrated court case of Marshall; dealt with charters- ruling: if you've got a charter, you've got a contract and the state can't interfere. state was trying to take land from a corporation. (deals with contracts)
Dartmouth College v. Woodward
Marshall went to darmouth; woodward
group of merchants who established the Lowell factory system
Boston Associates
one of the earliest factory towns; a model community that became the nation's most famous center of textile manufacturing
Lowell Massachusetts
the shoe factories were here
Lynn Massachusetts
b/c of the way workers were being treated, they organized into unions that came together in 1834 to form this; demanded shorter hours, higher pay, safer standards. strength collapsed after depression
National Trades' Union
these men such as John Jacob Astor (fur co.) went out of civilization into the wilderness to make their money
mountain men
1st major depression of nation's history; beginning of century's boom/bust cycle
Panic of 1819