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What are the two ways to propose an ammendment?
a two-thirds vote of congress or at a national convention called by 2/3 of the state legislatures
What are the two ways to ratify?
It can be ratified by the legistlatures in 3/4 of the states or can be ratified by conventions heldin 3/4 of the states.
What was the 18th ammendment?
The prohibition of alcohol.
What was the 21st ammendment?
The repeal of prohibition.
What are the 5 methods of informal ammendment?
The passing of basic legislation by congress, actions taken by the president, key decisions of the supreme court, the activities of political parties, and custom.
A pact made by the president directly with the head of a foreign state.
executive agreement
A formal agreement made by the president directly with the head of a foreign state.
The senators will only approve presidential appointees that are acceptable to the senator or senators of the President's party.
senatorial courtesy