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What are the six leadership traits?
(SLICED) Selflessness, loyalty, integrity, commitment, energy, and decisiveness.
What are the four followership traits?
(CILI) Competence, integrity, loyalty, and initiative.
What are the three components of loyalty?
(FOR) Faithfulness, obedience, and respectfulness.
What are the two basic sources of a leader's influence?
Position power and personal power
_____ power is derived from your position within the organization and is given or delegated to you by your supervisors.
Position power
What are the four powers that affect the amount of positional influence a leader has?
coercive, reward, legitimate, and connection.
______ power is derived from the confidence and trust that other people, normally the followers, have in the leader.
Personal power
Personal power consist of what three types of power?
referent, expert, and information power
_______ power is the personal charisma or likeability characteristics (trust, confidence, etc.) that a person has.
Referent power