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What is ALS?
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis aka Lou Garhigs disease
Progressive degeneration of motor neurons of SC, brainstem, cortico spianl tracts (CNS)
What is the etiology for ALS?
10% inherit, 90% unknown
Theories: slow active virus, autoimmune reactions to toxic metals, enzyme and hormone deficiencies.
What are the signs and symptoms of ALS?
-Weakness, stiffness, hyperactive reflexes, twitching.
-Difficulty walking, w/fine motor tasks, swallowing, speaking, and breathing
-MS become flaccid w/progression
-Bowel, bladder, mental status and sensory remain in tact.
What is the course/progression of ALS?
Muscles atrophy and waste away. Scarring and hardening happens due to atrophy; thus impulses can't be sent to the MS fibers for mvmnt.
What is the Prognosis for ALS?
50% live 3 yrs
25% live 5+ yrs
10% live 10+ yrs
What are the Medical Tx?
NO Cure!
Meds (Rilutele) slows process and allows for higher func.
Meds used to minimize drooling, depression, MS spasms, pain
Trach and G-tube may be places
What are the precautions/ contraindications?
Resperatory infections,
Affects of illness cause pain
What is the OT goals, Tx, AE?
Maint ROM and strenght
Prevent contractures
Preserve indep w/AE
Positioning in/out of bed
Tx: PROM, mild aerobic exercise
AE:Orthotic for stabilization and support
splint for weak-hand MS
Suspened sling or mobile arm support
Lite weight build up handles, long handled utensils, universal cuff, scoop dish,
-Commuication board, PC to communiate
-Mobility: cane to walker to w/c (plan ahead!) W/C may needs to be reclined or motorized in the future