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Why did MLK chose Selma as the location to start a march on behalf of voting rights
majority couldn't vote
who were the freedom riders and what did they want
a group of people that traveled into the south to draw attention to the south's refusal to intergrate bus terminals
what did Nixon promise in the 1968 election to get southern support
to put a southerner on the supreme court and to slow down desegregation
what did evidence show in the watergate scandal
that noxon ordered the cover-up
who did nixon target in his promises to fight crime
anti- war protestors
what was nixon's new federalism policy
revenue sharing bills between federa governemnt and the state
what was nixons enemy list
anyone a threat to his presidency
what did the tapes reveal about nixon in regards to the watergate scandal
ordered the cia to stop fbis investigation(cover-up)
what argument did nixon use to avoid turning over the tapes regarding the watergate scandal
interference with national security, executive privledge
what did the SALT agreement encompass
Srategic Arms Limitation Treaty- to reduce nuclear weapons and exchange scientific information
what did carter impose an embargo on the soviet union
because the soviet union invaded afganistan
what is stagflation?
what is inflation
-little movemnt in economy
-rise in the cost of goods
why did pres fords approval rating drop
pardoned nixon
what did the panama canal traty do?
gave panama control of the canal
revenue-sharing bills
federal government could impose conditions on state because they relied to much on government
warren burger
a conservative judge
a policy which attempts to relax or ease tensions between nations
what was supply side economics
lowered taxes
what was reagans policy if deregulation
cut off regulations and made the prices drop
what did reagan believe in regards to massive military spending and the soviet union
peace through strength
what is reganomics
increase interest rates and decrease taxes
what is SDI
satelites detect incoming missiles and destroy them
whay did the UN go to war in the persian gulf
iraq invaded kuwaitt
economic and governemnt reconstruction
open discussion of political and social issues