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Ocular decongestants with naphozoline HCl 1% in Canada
Naphcon Forte, Albalon, Vasocon
Other ocular decongestants
Visine-tetrahydrozoline 0.05%, Visine L.R. -oxymetazoline 0.025%
Naphcon A, Opcon A, and Visine A have what ingredients?
naphazoline HCl 0.025% and pheniramine maleate 0.3%
What has 0.05% naphazoline Hcl and 0.5% antazoline phosphate?
Albalon A and Vasocon A
Tell me abot Livostin
Rxtopical anithistamine, levocabastine hydrochloride, 0.05% suspension, >12 yrs, discard open bottle> 1month, can be used b.i.d. usually q.i.d. for 1 week then 1-3x prn
Tell me about emedastine difumarate
Emadine, rx topical antihistamine, 0.05% suspension, >3 yrs, 10 min b4 cls, bid-qid, rapid rel;ief 10 min, maybe efficacy> livostin
Tell me about Singulair
montelukast sodium,anti-leukotriene agent,seasonal alleergic rhinitis >2 yrs, qd-24hrs relief, Perrenial allergic rhinitis >6 months, adults 10 mg tablet, 4-5 mg tablet chwable cherry 2-14 yrs, 4 mg oral granules 6 months-5 yrs
What are the oral antihistamines?
1 tab qd nondrowsy:Zyrtec-cetirizine, Claritin-loratadine, Allegra-fexofenadine Drowsy: Benadryl-diphenhydramine, Clor-Trimeton-chlorpheniramine
What steroids are used for allergies?
Alrex-loteprednol 0.2%, Lotemax-loteprednol 0.5%, Vexol-rimexolone 1%, FML- fluorometholone alcohol, could go as strong as Pred Forte
What NSAIDS would you use for allergy?
Acular-0.5% ketorolac, Acular LS-0.4% ketorolac, Voltaren- 0.1% diclofenac, Ocufen-flurbiprofen, Suprofen-profenal 1% bid to qid 1 to 2 weeks then bid to tid prn