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What Ag makes people allergic to peanuts?
Ara H 1, 2, 3, 6
What Ag makes people allergic to cats?
Fel D 1 is a peptide epitope recognized by CD4 TCRs
what Ag makes people allergic to grass?
Phl p 1, 2, 5, 6
What makes people allergic to ragweed?
Amb a 1
What does Ag Der p 1 do?
protein in dist mite poop that migrates through epithelial barrier to DC
What causes pollen allergies?
lipids. most allergic people have high levels of CD1+ alveolar macrophages which bind lipids
What response is triggered by pollen allergy lipids binding CD1+ Macros
Release of IL4, IF-Gamma, IL10, and TGF-Beta which all lead to IgE production
What do TH2 cells secrete in allergic response? what does this cause?>
IL4, IL5, IL13

lead to allergen specific IgE production

Atopic people have LOTS of TH2 cells
Why are there more allergies now?
Kids are too clean
How can lotion give baby peanut allergy?
many lotions contain peanut proteins and baby can get allergies according to one study
What causes some peopl to be more prone to allergies(atopy)
Variation of IL4 promoter=IgE switch
Variants of IgE receptor
Variants of MHC-II=epitope representation
Variant of B-adrenergic receptor=symptom variation
What is the deal with endotoxin?
endotoxin acts via TLR4 and CD14(binds LPS)

polymorphims in CD14 gene promoter related to asthma
Is there an interaction between polymorphisms of CD14 promoter and endotoxin?
Maternal transmission of allergies
mom mice allergic to peanuts given small doses of peanuts while pregnant-->healthier baby mice (IgG2a switch to IgG1
Can the mother's environment effect baby?
Moms exposed to low doses of Ag had healthier babies
Tx: Allergies
Avoid Ag; Symptom treatments; Cromolyn reduces mast cell degranulation; desensitization; anti-IgE Ab
How do you make a cat hypoallergenic
selectively breed for low Fel D 1 cats
Tx of allrgy symptoms
corticosteroid-blocks everything
cromolyn-less mast cell degranulation
How do you treat Anaphylaxis?
Epinephrine-->vascular smooth muscle contraction-->increased Cardiac Output & inhibit more mast cells degranulating
Tx of Bronchial Asthma
Corticosteroids, phosphodiesterase inbitors
reduce inflammation
relax bronchial smooth muscles
What is desensitixzation?
expose to low doses of Ag and slowly increase dosage-- try to develop more TH1 cells
adjuvants to TLR9 ligand promote TH1 response
induces Tregs and IgG secreting B cells
What are Anti-IgE antibodies
Bind IgE masking Fc Receptor site to block mast cell activation
Must take drug rest of life bc allergy returns after drug is stopped--helps if coupled with desensitization
Possible Tx
oral TGF-B

cytokine antagonists(IL4, IL5, IL13)
what can inhaled Ag cause?
Allergic rhinitis(runny nose) in upper
Asthma in lower resp tract
Chronic due to cytokines and eosinophils-->epithelium destruction and nonspecific inflammation
How does asthma become chronic?
iritant is not Ag
chronic exposure remodeling airway -->thick lamina reticularis

more neutros and eosinos

Test for it with methacholine(bronchoconstrictor) keep increasing dose until 20% closed airway
what happens in skin exposure to Ag
urticaria, hives
latex can be Type I or IV hypersenstivity
can also get urticaria from systemic exposure
Triggers of Urticaria
IgE dependent type I cell
IgG Ab against IgE receptor
immune complexes(Type III)
Direct effect on mast cells
How does skin allergic reaction occur?
Hertainocytes secrete cutokines to call over mast cells
What does a Tbet knockout do?
leads to more TH2