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American System
A program created by Henry Clay to try to bring all sections of the country together by making internal improvments
Excise Tax
Tax on goods produced in this country
Right of Deposit
Right of shipping goods for trade out of the Port of New Orleans
Loose Interpretation
Believers in broad, flexible interpretation of Constitutional ideas
Protective Tariff
Tax Protecting goods made in the U.S.
Era of Good Feeling
Washington's Farewell Address
Stay clear of alliances with other countries
Gibbons vs Ogden
Supreme Court/Congress had the power to regulate interstate commerce
Muculloch vs Maryland
Supreme Court allowed the national bank to rise
Monroe Doctrine
President warned European nations to keep out of affairs in the Western hemisphere
Whisky Rebellion
Pennsylvania farmers revolted against government to protest tax on whisky.
Rush Bagot Treaty
Treaty between U.S. and Great Britain to reduce the number of warships on the Great Lakes
Government ban on trades with other nations
Fletcher vs Peck
Georgia law violated the Constitution; Supreme Court shows its power over states
Dartmouth vs Woodward
Set precedent that states may not pass laws impairing private contracts
Pinckney Treaty
Span and the U.S. gave us everything West of the Appalachian Mountains and part of New Orleans
Having pride on one's nation
Democratic/Republican Party
Thomas Jefferson opposed to it
Established by Andrew Jackson
Started with break from Republican Party
Proclamation of Neutrality
Not taking any specific side
Loyalty to state or region or nation
Log rolling
Legislators voting on a bill as a favor to other legislators.
Missouri Compromise
allowed Missouri to enter the union as a slave state
A process by which foreigners become citizens
Alien Act
series of laws to reduce immigration to the U.S.
To cut off trade with other nations
No Nothing Party
Political party to stop foreigners from coming in to U.S.
Fletcher vs Peck
Georgia law violated the Constitution
Sedition Act
Right to put someone in jail for speaking out against the government
Marbury vs Madison
established the power of Judicial Review
Strict Intepretation
Believers of a strict interpretation of the Constitutional ideas
(Thomas Jefferson/Democratic/Republican Party)
Juciciary Act
A laws that created the federal system of courts
lame duck
A president during period of time when a new president is elected and the existing president is still in office.
Jay Treaty
An agreement between U.S. and Britain to remove their troops