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Consistent system
A system of equations that have at least one solution.
The inequalities in a ystem of equations whose graphs forms the boundaries of the graph of the system's solution
Cramer's rule
A method that uses determinants to solve a system of linear equations.
Dependent system
A system of equations that has an infinate number of solutions.
A square array consisting of numbers or expressions enclosed between two parallel vertical bars.
1. A number or variable written within a determinant.
2. Each value in a matrix.
Elimination method
Algebraic method that is used to find the solutions for variables.
Inconsistant system
A system of equations that have no solution.
Independent system
A system of equations that have exactly one solution.
Linear programming
A method for finding the maximum or minimum value of a function in two variables subject to given constraints on the variables.
Three mutually perpendictular planes separate space into eight regions.
Ordered triple
The solution of a system of equations in three variables.
Second-order determinant
A determinant that has two rows and two columns. Its value can be found by calculating the difference of the products of the two diangonals.
Substitution method
Algebraic method of where you substitute for a variable.
System of equations
A set of equations with the same variables.
System of inequalities
A set of inequalities with the same variables.
If a polygonial region is not formed by the constraints of a system of inequalities.
solve a simpler problem
Problem solving strategy in which simpler, similar, problem is solved to determine the concepts that can be used in solving a more complex problem.