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polynomial with two terms
closed interval
an interval that includes its endpoints
compound inequality
two inequalities combined using either "and" (a conjunction) or "or" (a disjunction
degree of the polynomial
largest degree of a polynomial's terms
dependent system of equations
a system of equations with infinitely many possible choices
for quadratic equation in standard form the discriminate is b -4 ac
domain (of a relation or function)
the set of all possible "input" into a unique "output"
writing a polynomial as a product of two or more factors
a number or expression that can be multiplied to get another number or expression e.g. two is a factor of 6 becuase 2x3=6
a rule for transforming any "input" into a unique "output"
greatest common factor (GCF)
largest expression that is a common factor of two or more expressions
additive identity
0 is the additive identity because it can be added to any number without changing it
multiplicative identity
1 is the multiplicative identity because any number can be multiplied by one without changing it
inconsistent systems of equations
the system of equations with no solutions
least common multiple (LCM)
the smallest expression that has two or more other expressions as factors
expression with a single term
numeric expression
a number or any expression containig only numbers (no variables)
open interval
an interval that does not contain its endpoint
a monomial or sum of monomials
the number inside a radical symbol
range (of a relation or function)
the set of all possible "outputs" of the relation or function. (y)
rational expression
expression written as a fraction
any set of ordered pairs ( the first number or expression is the relations "inputs," the second is the "output"
route of an equation
in equations roots are solutions
a polynomial with three terms
zero product property
if the product of two factors is zero, then at least one of the factors must itself be zero