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What is the mean?
The average. Add all numbers and divide by the amount of numbers there were.
What is the median?
The number in the middle, lined up from least to greatest.
What is the mode?
The number that appears most.
What is the range?
The largest number minus the smallest number.
What is the most important thing about box-and-whisker plots?
The median.
What is the upper and lower extremes?
Upper- Largest number in data
Lower- Smallest number in data
What is the upper and lower quartile?
Upper- The middle of median to the upper extreme
Lower- The middle of median to the lower extreme
What is a histogram?
Key Word: Intervals
Like a bar graph, but bars touch.
In a Stem-and-Leaf plot- which side is a decimal point on?
Name 6 ways to graph data.
Line graph, line plot, histogram, bar graph, box-and-whisker, and stem-and-leaf.