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Define: Relation
A set of ordered pairs
Define: Function
A set of ordered pairs in which each element of the domain has only ONE element associated with it in the range
Define: Onto
All elements in the range have a corresponding element in the domain
Every element in the domain is mapped to a distinct element in the range
Define: Dependent Variable
A variable whose values always depend on the value(s) of other variable(s)
Define: Independent Variable
A variable whose value other variables depend upon
Define: Vertical Line Test
If a vertical line intersects the relation's graph in more than one place, then the relation is NOT a function
Define: Domain
The set of all possible x-values
Define: Range
The set of all possible y-values
Define: Composition of two functions
The function that maps x onto g(f(x)) and whose domain is the set of all values in the domain of f for which f(x) is in the domain of g
Define: Natural Numbers
The set of numbers that only includes positive numbers
Define: Whole Numbers
The set of numbers that includes zero and all positive numbers
Define: Integers
The set of all negative numbers, zero, and positive numbers
Define: Rational Numbers
The set of numbers that can be written as a ratio (fraction)
Define: Real Numbers
The set of numbers that can be written as a decimal (all numbers)