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PBr3 or HBr
Markov;halide (alkane) from alcohol (primary) or alkene, HBr will shift if more stable carbocation like C bonded to Ph;with 1 equivelnent either (E) or (Z),more equivelents additional saturation can occur, PBr no shift
H2SO4, heat
reduction to double bond, terminal OH replaced by methyl substituent from resulting double bond carbon
or simply reduction double bond from alcohol
SOCl2, pyr
primary Cl from primary OH;Lucas reagent
carbonyl (aldehyde or keytone depending on primary or secondary alcohol) from alcohol; leaves O for SN rxns
NA alkoxide from secondary alcohol (from aldehyde)
O-H bond broken; O retained
K2Cr2O7 or Na2Cr2O7 in aq H2SO4
carboxylic acid (tautomerizes from aldehyde) from 1° alcohol; or keytone from 2° alcohol
[O] similar to ozonolysis rxn-1)O3 2)Zn,H20
carboxylic acid from aldehyde from 1°alcohol; or keytone from 2° alcohol;or NR from 3° alcohol;if symetrical than gives only one keytone
OK from OH (O remains)