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BAC: .01-.03%

#DRINKS: 1 within 15 minutes
Risk: rises for those with low tolerence of alcohol.
Stiff penalties for BAC as low as .02 if driver under 21
BAC: .04-.07%

#DRINKS: 2 within half hr.
Many people feel high and loss of judgement. Some get lounder and have some loss of muscle control.
BAC: .08

Legally drunk.
Judgement/reasoning severly hampered. Can not do simple acts.
BAC: .10-.12%

#DRINKS: 4 within 2 hrs
Risk : 7 times normal (crash)
Many people claim they are not affected by alcohol anymore.
BAC: .13-.15%

#DRINKS: 5-7 within 3 hrs
Risk: 25 times normal (crash)
Less muscle control. Feel happy. Stumbling and acting foolishly.
BAC: .16-.25%

8-12 Drinks with in 4 hrs
Risk: 50 times (crash)
Confused, need help doing things, even standing.
Deaths increases sharply.
First DUI : 48 hrs/Jail
$350.00/1 yr revoc.
Second DUI : 45 days/Jail
$600.00/2 yr. revoc.
if 2nd DUI within 5yrs of 1st, both happened after Jan. 1997, vehicle sub to seizure and forefeiture.
Third DUI or subsequent: 120 daysJail Minimum
$1,100.00/3yrs min-10yrs. max
Vehicle subject to seizure and forfeiture