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How many operations personnel assigned?
How long after roll call is a member considered AWOL?
2 hours
After he first three tardies are logged, what is the discipline for the next three in a 12 month period?
3, 10, and 60 day suspension or termination
Deadline for removing overtime availabilty code in telesatff?
24 hours
When are FLSAs and P30s due to fiscal office?
6 days after the FLSA period ends
Can flex / comp time be used in place of sick leave?
When calling off the non working code must be entered into telestaff by what tiMe?
0600 am.
Berevement Leave periods
(2) 24 hour periods and additional 24 hour period for each 500 miles traveled one way from Albq, Nm.
Does immediate family include a brother or sister?
yes according to contract
On FMLA how often should the member contact supervisor?
every 4 weeks
Describe step one of the sick leave abuse program
restriction: signed P30 for sick leave uses.
Describe step two of the sick leave abuse program.
restrictions: P3 may be revoked. Must call off to staff commander and ineligible for light duty(off duty injury)
Describe step three of the sick leave abuse program.
+100% Restrictions: EAP, No comp time, No S/Ts, no ransfers, poss leave w/o pay, no OT, fit for duty exam, no UV, ineligible to bid for one year
Who do you submit LWOP to?
<2 weeks - The Fire Chief

>2weeks<one year -The Mayor via the Fire Chief
Does the QIO count against the 4 paramedic leave slots?
Who grants EV?
The staffing commander
Who fills the vacancy created by a memeber taking PTO?
Who does the union represent?
Non probationary firefighters up to the rank of commander.
Union board size and location?
Interior wall 4'x6' in size must be 5' from floor official union business only.
How much vacation does a 1-5yr employee acrue? (jason)
5.54 hours a payday
144 hours per year = 12 days off
How much vacation does a 15+ year member acrue?
9.23 hours a payday
240 hours per year = 20 days off
Max sick leave balances
1440, 1512, 2160 for 40,42, and 56 hour weeks
Month of vacation conversion option?
Maximum duration of light duty
45 days
3 criteria to determine if sexual harrasment exicsts
1. frequency of the conduct
2. severity of the conduct
3. wether the conduct unreasonably interferes with work performance
how many days to report sexual harrasment
180 days
If you lose you licence, how long does the city allow to regain it?
90 days.
Eligibility requirements for the rank of deputy chief?
24 months at the rank of captain or higher.