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What do the letters in BLUE stand for?
B rotherhood
L eadership
U nity
E ducation
Which founding fathers make up the "Brooklyn Four"?
Mr. George L. Bergen
Mr. Howard M. Jefferson
Mr. Nathan Lane, Jr.
Mr. Frederic R. Leach
Greek name of our Stanford chapter
Pi Tau
Date of formal application of charter of incorporation.
Number of members initiated
Over 175,000 members
Date when Alpha Kappa Psi was founded.
When our Stanford chapter was founded
In which state was the original charter issued?
New York
To what region does it belong?
Date when charter was officially issued in the name of Alpha Kappa Psi
Who were the 10 founding fathers?
Mr. George L. Bergen
Mr. Irving L. Camp
Mr. Robert S. Douglas
Mr. Daniel V. Duff
Mr. Howard M. Jefferson
Mr. Nathan Lane, Jr.
Mr. Frederic R. Leach
Mr. Morris S. Rachmil
Mr. William O. Tremaine
Mr. Herbert M. Wright
In which state is the fraternity now incorporated, when was this approved
Indiana, 1997
Date when women were admitted into the fraternity
August 1976
Number of college and alumni chapters installed
Over 260 college chapters, 90 alumni chapters
Full address of national HQ
Alpha Kappa Psi
J. D. Sparks Headquarters
9595 Angola Court
Indianapolis, IN 46268-1119