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# of Basilei
Nellie Quander
1st supreme basileus
Loraine Green
adopted Ivy pin -
first Ivy Leaf journal
L. Pearl Mitchell
Pauline Puryear
B. Beatrix Scott
initiated in a grad chapter - undergrad representation on Directorate
Maudelle B. Bousfield
reclaiming inactive Sorors
Maude B. Porter
Ida L. Jackson
chapter evaluation created - founders recognition
Margaret D. Bowen
thesis on AKA -
adoption of Non Partisan Lobby project
Dr. Dorothy B. Ferebee
director of Mississippi Health Project
Beulah T. Whitby
initiated in a grad chapter -
"supreme in service to all mankind" adopted
Edna O. Campbell
chicago national office opened - American council on Human rights
Laura Lovelace
new chicago national office
Arnetta G. Wallace
initiated into grad chapter - 1st international chapter established in Liberia
Dr. Marjorie Parker
org. historian - 1st international regional conference - 2nd international chapter in Bahamas
Julia B. Purnell
initiated in grad chapter - Cleveland Job Corps established -
Dr. Larzette Hale
first black CPA w/PhD - sorority essay contest for HS students - undergraduate travel tours
Dr. Mattelia B. Grays
purchased MLK Jr. birthplace
Bernice I. Sumlin
Boule recognized golden sorors - AKA reading program
Dr. Barbara K. Phillips
Educational Advancement foundation - Undergrad leadership fellows project
Faye B. Bryant
African Village Development project - cluster meetings established
Janet Jones Ballard
mamaroneck schools teacher - "service w/a global perspective"
Mary Shy Scott
Dr. Eva L. Evans
senior residence - partnership w/red cross - "making the net work"
Norma S. White
"blazing new trails" - reclaiming lost pearls
Linda M. White
"spirit of AKA" - IVY reading academy
Barbara A. McKinzie
ESP (economics, sisterhood, partnerships) or (extraordinary service program)