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Anna thinks about love the wrong way- only wants romance
After she decides to give in to her fleeting feelings for Vronsky on the train, end of part one and in part two
Levin thinks about agriculture the wrong way- ELEMENTAL FORCE
Beginning of part two when he gets back from being rejected
Kitty feels she is at a turning point when Levin is about to propose because she must choose- but really it's not because their is no choice since Vronsky's not intending to propose at all
Toward the middle of part one right before Levin proposes and Vronsky and the Countess Nordston come
Anna convinces herself Karenin is disgusting
End of part one as soon as she gets off the train for home
Anna sees omens like the guard falling under the train as omens because she is a narcissist. There are lots of people there who's to say it's for her?
End of Part one
We must retrain ourselves as to what is important: it is the little, ordinary things
Structure of the book- most important details found in long paragraphs that are often about something else
Aleksey Karenin is "socially blind" and must rely on others to tell him how to feel
Part two after the dinner party
Anna acknowledges to herself that she has wronged Karenin
Part four beginning