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PCs $500-$5,000 - fit next to or on a desk or can be carried around. Stand alone or connected to a LAN.
Local Area Network (LAN)
Connects groups of computers by cable and other devices - printers in an office or building.
Desktop PC
Microcomputer whose case sits on a desk with keyboard in front and generally has the monitor on top.
Tower PC
Microcomputer whose case sits as a tower usually on the floor beside or on a desk.
Notebook Computer (laptop)
Laptop computer lightweight - portable with built in screen 1.8 - 9 lbs.
Personal digital assistant (PDA)
Handheld palm top - combines personal organization tools with addresses, to-dos and can receive email.
Microprocesssor installed in smart appliances and autos.
Central computer that holds data & programs for connecting to pcs or workstations (clients)
PC or Workstation that receives info from a server.
Primary storage
Memory that holds data temporarily while waiting to be transferred to secondary storage.
Secondary storage
Disk, hard drive CD - anything that holds the data and programs permanently.
Processor chip or central processing unit (CPU)
Tiny piece of silicon that contains millions of miniature electronic circuits.
Memory Chip (RAM)
Primary storage / temp storage.
System board main circuit board in a computer.
Expansion slot
Allows you to expand a PC by giving you places to plug in additional circuit boards.
Floppy-disk Drive
Secondary storage device
Hard-disk Drive
Secondary storage device that fits inside the computer case.
Peripheral Device
Any equipment that expands a computers input, storage or output capabiltiy.
Video Card
Converts comuters output information into a video signal that can be sent to the video cable to the monitor.
Sound Card
Enhances the sound generating capabilities to be heard through the speakers.
A device that sends a receives data over the phone lines to and from computers.
System Software
Helps the computer perform essential operating tasks and enables application software to run.
Application Software
Enables you to perform certain tasks solve problems, perform work, entertain yourself.
Connection of computers to one another by communications line to provide online access and information or sharing of devices.
2 Way communication - user can respond to information he receives & modify the process.
Technology that presents itself in more than one medium.
Moral values or principles that govern the conduct of an individual or group.