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Accounting Information System
computer-based system designed to tranform accounting data into information
Electronic data processing
The use of computer technology to perform an organization system system application in every processing.
Management Information systems
The use of computer technology to provide decision-oriented information to managers
Decision support system
data are processed into decision-making format for the end user.
Expert system
knowledge-based information system that uses its knowledge about a specific application area to act as an expert consultant to end users.
Executive information system
tailored to the strategic information needs of top-level management.
Business process
interrelated set of tast that invole date, organizational units, and a logical time sequence.
Basic business processess
1. Inbound sales logistics
2. Outbound sales logistics
3. Operations
4. Marketing
5. Service
6. Procurement
7. Technology
8. Organization and HR mgmt
9. Firm infrastructure
Primary business processes
involve activities that directly add value to the company's products
Supporting business processes
involve activities that indirectly add value and support the primary processes
Transaction processing cycle
consists of one or more application systems.
4 common transaction cycles
Application system
processes logically related transactions
Internal control process
actions taken within on organization to regulated and direct the activities of the organization.
Elements of Internal Control Process
1. reliability of financial reporting
2. effectiveness and efficiency of operations
3. compliance with laws and regulations
Information system function
responsible for data processing
head of IS
steering committee
advisory group
analysis function
identifying problems and projects
programing function
design,coding,testing and debugging of programs
operations function
data preparation, operation of the equipment and system maintenance
technical support function
allows specialization in areas such as operating systems and software
User support function
services end users
information center
support facility for end users
project organization
analysts and programmers are assigned to specific projects with a project leader
End-user computing
hands-on use of computers by end users
JIT (Just in time)
inventory systems used in manufacturing
IPO Chart
HIPO Chart
Hierarchy chart and IPO chart