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Intances where the vendor combine the software and hardware and sell the package. The vendor would also install the system. These systems are nicknamed _____
turnkey systems
_____ _____ _____ host web-based software on their computers and deliver the software to their clients over the Internet
Application service providers
An invitation issued to vendors to propose a system that meets the company's needs by a specified date
request for proposal
Advantages of a formal approache to acquire a system
save time, simplifies the decision-making process, reduces errors, avoids potential for disagreement
a _______ problem is a data-processing task with input, processing, and output jobs typical of those the new AIS will be required to perform
This process estimates the cost of purchasing or developing features that are not present in a particular AIS
Requirements costing
Involves hands-on development, use and control of computer based information systems by users.
end-user computing
When information users, such as managers accountants, and internal auditors, develop their own applications using computer specialist as advisors. It is inappropriate for complex systems
end-user development
timeliness is a benefit of end user computing. T/F
Freeing up systems resources is not one of the advantages of end user computing. T/F
end user computing will result in adequately tested applications. T/F
increased costs is a drawback of end user computing. T/F
list three advantages of outsourcing
asset utilization, access to greater expertise and more advanced technology, lower cost, improved development time, faciliation of downsizing
list three risks of downsizing
inflexibility, loss of control, reduced competitive advantage, poor service, unfulfilled goals
the analysis of and redesign of business processes and information systems to achieve significatn performance improvements
business process reengineering
approach to systems design in which a simplified working model of a system is developed.
a functional prototype is also called a _____ prototype
list three advantages of prototyping
better definition of user needs, higher user involvement and satisfaction, fewer errors and more opportunity for changes
list three disadvantages of prototyping
significant user time, less efficient use of system resources, incompete system development, negative behavioural reactions