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system analysis, conceptual design, physical design, inplemnation and conversion, maintencance
systems development life cycle
the step that gathers the information on whether to develop or buy a new system
systems analysis
the step help the company to decide how to meet user needs
conceptual design
the step when the company translates user requirements to detailed specifications of the system
physical design
involves periodical review of teh system
operations and maintenance
bring the the elements and activities of the system together
involves very senior management that help to guide the development from a strategic perspective
information systems steering committee
these people study existing systems, design new ones, and prepare specifications that are used by computer programmer
system analysts
the five key reasones for systems development planning is to determine system ability such as: 1. consistency, 2. efficiency 3____ ____, 4, lower costs, 5. __________
cutting edge, adaptability
During development phase the basic building block of information systems planning is the ________
project development plan
A long range planning document that indicate what will be developed, who will develop, and strategic issues
master plan
A planning tool that involve critical path and arrows and nodes
during the development life cycle, sometimes it is needed that the workability of the system be assess, it is also called a(n) _______
feasibility study
the six elements of feasibility
legal, financial, techinical, scheduling(time line) and operation(people)
Three ways which people resists AIS change
Aggression, avoidance, projection
blaming the system for unpleasant events that would've happened anyways
list five reason why behaviour problems occur
manner the change is introduced, personality, fear, ,communication error, bad experiences with prior changes, lack top management support, biases and misinformation, disruptive nature of change itself
An extenstive study of teh current AIS system to determine effectivness
system survey
list two ad and disads of conducting interviews
ad: why questions, indepth dicussion
disad: time consuming, personal biases in play
list two ad and disads of conducting questionnaires
ad: fast, can conduct when people is physically removed
disad: need to develop good questions, inpersonal
list two ad and disads of conducting observation
ad: how systems works, differences from expections
disad: lengthy, difficult to interpret
list two ad and disads of conducting documentation
ad: description of system should work, written form
disad: time-conusming, may not be available to find
This report concludes that the anaysis activities and serve as a repository of data from which systems disigners can draw
systems analysis report