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The process of defining a database so that it faithfully represents all aspects of the organization, including its interactions with the external environment
data modeling
List the five steps of the database design process
systems analysis, conceptual design, physical design, ,Implementation, Maintenance
A graphical techinicque for portraying a database schema
ER diagram
An ____ is anything about which the organization wants to gather information
Things that have economic value to teh organization.
various business activities about which mangement wants to collect information for planning and control
the people and organizations that participates in events
Each event is linked to _______ resources that it affects, each evant is linked to _________ other event, each event is linked to _______ agents
least one, least one, least two
________ describes the nature of the relationship between two entitites by indicating how many instances of one entity can be linked to each specific instance of another entity