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The process that uses narratives, flowcharts, diagrams and other wirrten material that explain how a system works
a graphical description of the source and destination of data that shows data flow within an organization.
data flow diagrams
a graphical description of the flow of documents and information between deparments or areas of responsibility within an organization
document flowchart
a graphical description of the relationship among the input processing, and output in an information system
system flowchart
a graphical description of the sequene of logical operations that a computer performs as it executes a program
program flowchart
four elements of DFD
data sources and destinations, ,data flows, transformation processes and data stores
DFD symbols, Square, arrow, circle, two bars
sources and destination, data flow, transformation process, stores
The highest level DFD is also referred as a ____ ____
context diagram
____ ____ uses a standard set of symbols that has special meaning that is easily conveyed by shape
flow charts
four kind of symbols in flowcharts
input output, processing, storage, flow and miscellaneous
Document flowcharts that describe tadn evaluate internal controls are referred to as _____
interanl control flowcharts