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What is the primary objective in emergency care?
To ensure the patient has a patent airway and optimal ventilation.
What are some poor(airway)techniques that are employoed
Failure to create an effective seal with a bag-valve-mask, improper positioning of the patient's head and neck, and not reassesing the patient's condition.
Brain death can occur in ____ to _____ minutes.
6 to 10.
Define Mucous Membrane.
A thin layer of connective tissue lining many of the body cavities through wich air passes; usually contains small, mucous-secreting glands.
All of the respiratory structures leading to the microscopic alveoli are lined with ___________ __________.
Mucous membrane
In reference to steralization, temperature and humidification describe the air when it reaches the distal passageways.
100% humidified, essentially steralized and body temperature.
Name the 4 basic structures of the upper airway.
Nose, Mouth, Pharynx, Larynx
The anatomic wall dividing the nostrils is the ______ _______.
Nasal septum.