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A facility watch supervisor should be qualified on what operation position?
All facility operating positions
What official or person at an ATCF determines the composition of a controller evaluation board?
Formal accident packages should contain all recorded communications on the subject aircraft for what period of time?
5 min before initial contact until 5 min after the accident
A civilian Cessna 172 had an accident at your facility. You need to send an OPREP 3 NAVY BLUE. What instruction should you use to determine the proper format for the OPREP?
In the process of collecting data concerning an incident involving the final radar, who is required to check the equipment for proper operation?
Qualified technician not on duty at the time of the incident
Following an aircraft accident, a controller who is involved is relieved from operational duty for what period of time?
Until the ATCFO has determined the extent of the controllers involvement
The certification procedure for all Air Traffic Controllers is prescribed in what part of the FARs?
Part 65
In an emergency or operational necessity situation, normal working periods can be extended in accordance with what FAR part?
Part 65
the ATCS certificate is issued under the authority of what official?
A facility rating is an endorsement to what certificate or certificates?
FAA Form 7200-1 only
True or False: The commanding officer has full authority to revoke the Control Tower Operator (CTO) certificate.
What instruction contains guidelines for dealing with substance abuse prevention and control?
A 60-minute period during which meaningful OJT training is accomplished is defined by the term PTH. What does PTH mean?
Productive Training Hours
Time limitations for an individual training on approached control must be based on what standard?
Maximum PTHs for the approach position
A trainee on local control for an initial qualification is a marginal performer. You should counsel this individual on his or her performance before he or she reaches what maximum percentage of the allotted time?
70 percent
In the radar branch, what total number of PTHs is authorized for an initial qualification on the appraoch control position?
160 hours
Radar final controllers should not conduct approaches during IFR conditions unless they have controlled at least how many appraoches in the last 30 days?
10 approaches
What form is used as a position log?
FAA Form 7230-10
Flight plans should be retained for what minimum period of time?
90 days
As the tower chief, you need to review the facility manual. What manual should you consult to determine the basic outline of a facility manual?
NAVAIR 00-80T-114
The Air Traffic Activity Report must be submitted annually on (a) what date to reach CNO (N**%F) within (b) how many days of the due date?
(a) 1 Jan (b) 30 days
The Daily Records of Facility Operations and Position Logs are retained in the facility for what period of time?
6 months
A national emergency will be declared whn the FAA system sustains a loss of greater than what predetermined percent of its capability?
What type of flight inspection is described: An inspection to establish if the facility can support its operational requiremtents.
What type of flight inspection is described: An inspection to determine that the facility continues to meet standards.
What type of flight inspection is described: An inspection for shipboard TACANs.
What type of flight inspection is described: A flight inspection done on a commissioned system to determine if the parameters inspected meet standards.
What target classification strength is considered a usalbe target for secondary radar?
Strength 1
Your facility received a restricted classification after a flight inspection. What action, if any, should be taken by your facility?
Send a NOTAM listing the unusable portions