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london-type smog
pollution from coal and smoke in foggy places or temperature inversions. Invention is steam engine.
secondary pollutants forming in sunlight, strong temperature inversion, more automobiles=invention
photostationary state reactions for ozone
NO + O3 --> NO2 + O2
NO2 + LIGHT --> NO + O
O+ O2 --> O3
importance of OH
breaks down all organics and most inorganics in the air
CO reactions
doesn't make much because it breaks down slowly
CO + OH --> CO2 + H
H + O2 --> HO2
NO + HO2 --> NO2 + OH
NO2 + LIGHT --> NO + O
O + O2 --> O3
methane reactions
CH4 + OH --> CH3 + H2O
CH3 + O2 --> CH3O2
NO + CH3O2 --> NO2 + CH3O
NO2 + LIGHT --> NO + O
O + O2 --> O3
ethane reactions
C2H6 + OH --> C2H5 + H2O
C2H5 + O2 --> C2H5O2
NO + C2H5O2 ---> NO2 + C2H5O
NO2 + LIGHT --> NO + O
O + O2 --> O3
formaldehyde reactions
HCHO + LIGHT --> CO + H2
HCHO + OH --> HCO + H2O
HCO + O2 --> CO + HO2
H + O2 --> HO2
(then back to CO equations)
most important organics for pollution
most important: aromatics, alkenes, aldehydes
Alkanes and CO react slowly but are emitted in greater abundance
fastest to slowest: alkene > aldehyde > aromatic > alcohol > alkane
what breaks down ROG's
OH, HO2, O, O3, NO3
ozone isoplethe chart (ROG limited, NOx limited)
when ROG's are high and NOx is low, reduce NOx. When NOx is high and ROG's are low, reduce ROG's. If they're both super high, reduce either.
RO: NOx ratios in LA and Atlanta
LA: ROG limited (cars produce NOx)
Atlanta: NOx limited