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What is the function of the Secretary of the Air Force?
Conducts the administrative affairs of the department and is directly responsible to the Secretary of Defense
what is the function of the Air Force Chief of Staff?
-military head of the Air Force and is directly responsible to the Secretary of the Air Force for the efficiency and operational readiness of the Air Force.

-is a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

-delegates virtually all functions as the USAF military head to the Vice Chief of Staff when demands of the JCS duties necessitate such actions
Identify the three Air Force components.
1. Active Duty
2. Air National Guard
3. Air Force Reserve
What is the function of a major command?
Air Force MAJCOMs perform specific duties that are organized functionally within the United States and by geographical area overseas.
What is the function of the numbered air force?
They are structured to strictly operational and warfighting roles. They are also dedicated to operational planning and employment of force
what is the function of the wing?
A wing's mission is to develop and maintain the capability to conduct warfare or support that condcut. The wing is the only piece of command that is capable of deploying and sustaining itself for an indefinite length of time
what is the function of a group?
Primary functions may be operations, maintenance, mission support, or medical.
what is the function of a squadron?
lowest formalechelon of command, and it's the building block for the entire Air Force.
They are responsible for conducting the day-to-day mission for the wing
According to Clausewitz, what is the definition of war?
Clausewitz stated war is an act of violence to compel our enemy to do our will.
State the three enduring truths that describe the fundamental nature of war?
1. War is an instrumental of national policy
2. War is a complex and chaotic human endeavor
3. War is a clash of opposing wills
What are the two basic themes of war?
Policy and Violence
According to the Air Force Doctrine Document, what is the definition of war?
War is an instrument of national policy. War is a struggle between rival political groups or nation states to attain competing political objectives.
How leave is accrued and used?
Leave is earned at the rate of 2.5 days per month of active service, or 30 days per fiscal year. the types of leave include ordinary or annual leave, convalescent or sick leave and emergency leave
What is the essence of air and space power?
only air and space power can concentrate great power, quickly, over any spot on the globe.
What are the three categories of war?
1. Nuclear War
2. Conventional War
3. wars of the third kind (involve everything from insurgencies to terrorist and rebel attacks.
Air Force officers serve two roles, what are they?
1. technical specialist
2. military professional
Operatons Career Area
Encompasses utilization fields that directly employ weapons and suporting systems to accomplish the primary operational mission of the Air Force.

pilot, navigator, astronaut, air traffic control, intelligence and weather
Logistics Career Area
encompassed program formultion, policy planning, coordination, inspection, command and direction, and supervision and technical responsibilities pertaining to munitions and missile maintenance, aircraft maintenance, transportation, supply, and logistics plans and programs utilization fields.
Support Career Area
encompassed program formulation, policy planning, coordination, inspection, command and direction, and supervision and technical responsibilities pertraining to force protection
Medical Career Area
anything medical related. duh.
Professional Career Area
anything pertaining to the Law and Chaplain Utilization fields.
What is AFIT (Air Force Institute of Technology?
to provide defense-focused graduate and continuing education research and consultation to improve Air force and Department of Defense opertional capability
What is Tuition Assistance?
available to active-duty service members. Currently the Air Force will pay 100% of the tuition cost at a cap of $166.66 per quarter hour or $250 per semester hour to a max of $4500 per fiscal year.

The individual pays the excess fees and all book expenses
What is Basic Pay?
varies according to grade and year of service. Receive last increase after 14 years of total service
What is incentive pay?
individuals required to perform hazardous duties receive incentive pay, also called flight pay
What is special pay?
only individuals who use certain specialized skills or who are assigned in specified locations recieve special pay, commonly known as combat pay.
What is BAH (Basic allowance for housing
AF provides you with living quarters or a basic allowance to find off-base housing.
What is BAS (Basic Allowance for subsistence)
fixed monthly rate and is the same for all officers and paid on monthly basis