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What are the 2 diagnostic criteria of AIDS?
A. No known cause of immuno- suppression (cancer, steroids, renal failure)
B. Has disease predictive of a defective cellular immune function.
When can AIDS be diagnosed?
When a previously healthy patient under 60 yrs meets both criteria A and B.
What is the Etiologic agent of AIDS?
Human Immunodeficiency Virus
What are 2 other names for HIV?
What is the highest risk group for AIDS? What are 4 others?
Homosexuals or Bi
IV drug users, Hemophiliacs, Haitians, others.
What 2 parameters measure Aids?
-Viral load
-Tcell counts
What are the 2 categories of immune system changes in AIDS?
1. Cellular
2. Humoral
Name 3 cellular changes that take place in AIDS:
1. Delayed hypersensitivity skin test anergy
2. Lymphopenic - low T cells
3. Decreased Th:Tc ratio
What are the 3 characteristic Humoral indications of aids?
1. Normal B cells
2. Increased IgG and IgA
3. Elevated circulating Ig's
What is the standard HIV screening test?
ELISA for HIV antibody
What test confirms a positive HIV Screen?
Western blot
what is the purpose of the western blot for AIDS?
to see if the elisa reactivity corresponds to viral proteins of specific molecular weight.