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What made Californa a free state and geave popular sovereignty to new mexico and utah territories
Commpermise of 1850
what part of the compromse of 1850 uset mant norther by makeing virually all them slave catchers
fuedasif slave act
what political party was formed in the 1850s supported the anti-slavery platform
repulican party
what act supported by stphen douglas gave popular sovereignty two teritories just west of missouri
canada and nabraska act
what famous court case up held the right to slave owners as property holders and disallowed slaves to sue
drew scott Vs sandford
who led the massacre at pottawatomie creek and led the raid on the fedearal arsenal atharpers ferry
john brown
who won teh presidential election of 1860 and wht state seceded soon thereafter
aberham licon/ south carolina
what alabama county never seced from the union
wnstion county
what state was split up over the decion to secede and eventually become two states
name the most famous balck military unit to fight in the u.s. civil war
54 regrement
what 2 acts passed by the republican-controlled congress durinf the civil war gave largeland grants from the goverment
mae sted act/marrel land grant
name the executive order by prsident lincoln in janury 1863 that declaed all slaves in areas of rebellion free
emancipaton proclamation
depriving many citizens of civil liberties, linolcn suspended this rght embraced by americans todya
writ habos carpus
name the first major battle of the u.s. civil war
first battle of borron
name the battle that included the single bloodiest day of the civil war