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Any part of Art that does not represent observable aspects of nature or transforms visible forms into stylized image.
The final, topmost stone in a corbel arch or vault, which joins the sides and completes the structure
A general term covering all types of wares made from fired clay, including porcelain and terra cotta
A vault made by projecting courses of stone
Corbel Vault
An early roofing and arching technique in which each course of stone projects past the last until they meet at the top
A prehistoric structure (simple megalithic tomb) made up of two or more large, upright stones supporting one large horizontal slab or stone
A circular area enclosed by stones or wood posts set up by Neolithic peoples. Usually surrounded by a ditch
Relief sculpture in which the image projects strongly from the background
High relief
The process of creating a three dimensional object on a two dimensional surface using shading, or in sculpture, creating a form out of a malible material
A projecting pin (tenon) fits into a hole designed for it (mortise)
Mortise and Tenon Joints
Two or more vertical elements supporting a horizontal elemenet
Post and Lintel
A wall construction combining upright branches woven with twigs and plastered or filled with clay or mud
Wattle and Daub
A sculpture whose flat background is carved away to a certian depth, setting off the figure
Relief Sculpture
a line or an arrangement of parallel or converging lines of upright stones or menhirs
A prehistoric monument consisting of monoliths encircling a mound (or a dolmen)
an upright monumental stone standing either alone or with others, as in an alignment
ornamental work (such as embroidery or latticework) having a pattern of openings
As opposed to relief, sculpture in the round has form on all sides and may be viewed from any angle
Sculpture in the Round
A layer of masonry units running (essentially) horizontally in a wall
Masonry Course
Folklore, legend, fables, a story, something that cannot be proven
Something that happened in the past, language, can be written down
Means "Old Stone", or the Stone Age. This is the time where tools first appeared.
Means "New Stone", or the last phase of the Stone Age. This was marked by the domestication of animals, pottery, and domestication of animals.
A very large, extinct type of cattle found in Europe during the Stone Age
Memory Image
An image that relies on the generic shapes and relationships that readily spring to mind at the mention of an object.
Broken pieces of ceramic
A work of art created by altering a piece of land, especially on a large scale.