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The first two countries to begin fighting in the conflict that later became konwn as World War I were
Austria-Hungary & Serbia
In the early years of World War I, from 1914 to 1916, the United states:
became an arsenal for the Allies
President Wilson protested German violations of American neutrality more harshly than Britsh violations because
a profitable trade was resulting between the United States and the Allies
Woodrow Wilson's reaction to the sinking of the Lusitania was to
demand assurances from Germany that such outrages would not recur
How did Wilson react to the question of military preparedness versus pacificism from 1915 to 1916
initially opposed to a military buildup, by the end of 1915, he came to support preparedness
In the presidential election of 1916 the Democrats emphasized
that Wilson had managed so far to keep the nation out of the European war
The significance of the Zimmermann telegram was that it
inflamed American public opinion against Germany
The key immediate cause of the American declaration of war against Germany in the spring of 1917 was the
German resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare
What concerned the American Expedtionary Force (AEF)
The AEF broke the stalemate in favor of the Allies
Herbert Hoover was significant to the American effort in WWI as head of the
Food Administration
Such expressions such as "liberty cabbage" and "liberty sausage" as used during WWI were an indication of
American hostile reaction to things German
As used in reference to the period of the Great War, the expression "great migration" means
blacks moving from the South to northern industrial cities
The main purpose of the Committee on Public Information, during WWI, was to
disseminate pro-war propaganda and promote public support of the war in the United States
Who was not one ofthe principal figures along with Wilson in the Versilles negotiations
Bernard Baruch
What was not included in Wilson's Fourteen Points
reparations from those guilty of starting the war
Which nation was not represented at the Paris Peace Conference?
In the Senate debate on ratification of the Treaty of Versailles, the so-called irreconcilables were those who were adamantly opposed to
United States membership in the League of Nations
Both the Palmer Raids and the Sacco and Venzetti case may be cited as evidence in the aftermath of World War I of the depth of feeling in America against
In the first few years after World War I, relations between blacks and whites in America were generally characterized by
extreme resentment, race riots, and numerous lynchings